Checking the Wire 12/28/09


Tim Kawakami's Hitmen of the Year, Tim Lincecum/Barry Zito. [SJ Merc] Yup, that prety much sums the current state of the Giants.


The Niners' win is tempered by the crappy opponent. [SF Gate]

The investment in Ahmad Brooks is paying off. [SF Gate]

Alex Smith is still sending mixed signals about his abilities. [SJ Merc]

The big news for the Raiders yesterday was Janikowski kicking a 61-yard FG. You're 2009 Oakland Raiders! [SF Gate]


The Warriors stil stink, while other once stinky teams have bettered themselves. [SF Gate]

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2009 NFL Pick'em battle RT vs. Koski Week 16

Hmmm, the last month has been a rollercoaster for me: 3-0, 0-3, 3-0, 0-2-1. Time to right the ship over these last two weeks. I can't lose to RT in back to back weeks.

This week's picks:


  • Browns -3 v. Raiders
    The Raiders won last week and we all know what that means ... they have no chance this week. Then take into account that the Browns are trying their best to fall out of the top five in the draft - you have a lock on your hands. Browns by a lot.

  • Vikings -7 @ Bears
    Everyone knows I root for the Bears but let's face it ... they gave up on their season about 13 weeks ago. The Vikings are coming off two bad losses and they, like the Packers, are going to come out mad and drill the sorry ass football team which is the 2009 Chicago Bears. This game looks good at Vikings -13.

  • Jaguars +9 @ Patriots
    How many weeks do we have to watch the Patriots until we realize that they are not very good. The Jags seem to play the Patriots tough, so give me the points.

Koski (28-16-1)
  • Ravens +3 @ Steelers
    The Ravens are better than people think and have been playing like it the last couple weeks. The Steelers pulled one out of their arse last week. Baltimore punches its playoff ticket and eliminates the Steelers this week.

  • Packers -14 v. Seahawks
    The Packers lost a heartbreaker next week and are looking to take out their aggression on someone. The Seahawks are the perfect punching bag with terrible cornerbacks for Rodgers to exploit.

  • Eagles -7 v. Broncos
    The Eagles might be the best team in the NFL. Don't believe me? Read this. The Broncos started off hot, but are 2-6 over their last eight. Plus, Philly needs this win to lock up the NFC East.

Week 1 Results
Koski: 49ers +6.5 @ ARI, Cowboys -6 @ TB, Vikings -4.5 @CLE
RT: Packers -3.5 v. CHI, Patriots -11 v. BUF, Chargers -9 @ OAK
Week 2 Results
Koski: Raiders+3 @KC, Packers-9.5 v. CIN, Chargers-3 v. Ravens
RT: Titans-6.5 @ Texans, Steelers-1@CHI, Panthers+6.5 @ ATL
Week 3 Results
Koski: Giants -6.5 @ Buccaneers, Jets -1 @ Titans, 49ers +6.5 @ Vikings
RT: Texans -3.5 v. Jaguars, Lions +65 v. Redskins, Bengals +4 v. Steelers

Week 4 Results
Koski: Titans -3 @ Jaguars, Giants -9 @ Chiefs, Chargers +6.5 @ Steelers
RT: Bengals -5.5 @ Browns, Cowboys -3 @ Broncos, Patriots -1 v. Ravens
Week 5 Results
Koski: Giants -14.5 v. Raiders, Jets -1 @ Dolphins, 49ers -2.5 v. Falcons
RT: Bucs +15.5 v. Eagles, Patriots -3 @ Bronco, Colts -3.5 @ Titans
Week 6 Results
Koski: Giants +3.5 @ Saints, Packers -13.5 v. Lions, Patriots -9.5 v. Titans
RT: Seahawks -3 v. Cardinals, Browns +14 @ Steelers, Eagles -14 @ Raiders
Week 7 Results
Koski: Packers -9.5 v. Lions, Bengals -1 v. Bears, Colts -13.5 @ Rams
RT: Vikings +5.5 @ Steelers, Jets -6 @ Raiders, 49ers +3 @ Texans
Week 8 Results
Koski: Texans -3.5 @ Bills, Jaguars +3 @ Titans, Falcons +10 @ Saints
RT: Cardinals -10 v. Panthers, Ravens -3.5 v. Broncos, 49ers +11.5 @ Colts
Week 9 Results
Koski: Patriots -10.5 v. Dolphins, Cardinals +3 @ Bears, Falcons -10 v. Redskins
RT: Packers -9.5 @ Buccaneers, Texans +9 @ Colts, Eagles -3 v. Cowboys
Week 10 Results
Koski: Vikings -16.5 v. Lions, Titans -7 v. Bills, Ravens -10.5 @Browns
RT: Cardinals -9 v. Seahawks, Rams +13.5 v. Saints, Raiders -1 v. Chiefs
Week 11 Results
Koski: Steelers -10 @ Chiefs, Patriots -10.5 v. Jets, Jaguars -9 v. Bills
RT: Eagles -3 @ Bears, Cardinals 9.5 @ Rams, Falcons +6.5 @ Giants
Week 12 Results
Koski: Vikings -10.5 v. Bears, Broncos +7 v. Giants, 49ers -3 v. Jaguars
RT: Chiefs +13.5 @ Chargers, Eagles -9 v. Redskins, Patriots +3 @ Saints
Week 13 Results
Koski: Patriots -5 @ Dolphins, Chargers -13 @ Browns, Vikings -4.5 @ Arizona
RT: Seattle -1 v. 49ers, Panthers -6.5 v. Buccaneers, Titans +6.5 @ Colts
Week 14 Results
Koski: Packers - 3.5 @ Bears, Chargers +3 @ Cowboys, Colts -7 v. Broncos
RT: Redskins -1 @ Raiders, Bengals +6.5 @ Vikings, Buccaneers +3 v. Jets
Week 15 Results
Koski: Broncos -14 v. Raiders, Packers +1 @ Steelers, Niners +9 @ Eagles
RT: Dolphins +3 @ Titans, Cowboys +9 @ Saints, Seahawks -6.5 v. Buccaneers

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Checking the Wire 12/23/09


CJ Watson is the Warriors "best" player this season. [SJ Merc]

WFB says, "Ho-hum" about last night's loss. [SJ Merc]


It's going to be ugly between Cleveland and Oakland. Very ugly. [CC Times]


The A's are winning the offseason battle vs. the Giants. [SFGate] Although I'm disappointed, who cares about winning the offseasaon?

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RT Checks the Wire 12/22/09


* Singletary decides to apologize for Smith. Last time I check, Singletary is not God so it is not his fault Smith does not have the talent to be a good quarterback in the NFL. [SF Gate]

* Shockingly, smart people don't want to travel to one of the worst cities in the United States. [SJ Merc]

* I hate to say this but ... Tom Cable deserves to be the coach of the Raiders. [CC Times]


* Monta Ellis does deserve to an All-Star but the Warriors are terrible so good luck next year. [SF Gate]

* At this point, doesn't it benefit everybody if Turiaf and Biedrins don't come back!? The Warriors need John Wall in the worst way and anything that reduces their odds of getting him is a bad thing. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 12/21/09


Don't like Alex Smith? Too bad and get used to it. [SJ Merc]

Gwen Knapp asks why Singletary believes in Smith. [SFGate]

One thing I'll say about Smith. He's the same age as Brady Quinn, 25.

Post Game Wrap from the JaMarcus Russell led comeback victory in Denver. I'm as shocked as you are. [CC Times]


Mark Purdy defends the honor of San Jose-ans(?). [SJ Merc]

It's gonna get Crisp-y in Oakland. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 12/18/09


Understatement of the year? "Warriors coach Don Nelson calls Radmanovic a 'sub on a good team'" [SFGate]


Sure, it's only Randy Moss' fault and not Tom Brady's fault. Both Merrill Hoge and Ron Jaworski watched the NE-Carolina game tape and didn't see Moss shutting it down. But, Gwen Knapp doesn't care what the tape says. [SFGate]

Okay, you cover the NFL and not NCAA, I get it. But, you can't call Sam Bradford Mark Bradford. Seriously? [SFGate]

Every day, I like Ahmad Brooks more and more. [SJ Merc]

Seriously, Darren McFadden? WTF? Where's the speed? Where's the breakaway? [CC Times]

At least Alex Smith isn't JaMarcus Russell. how weird is that? Here's what Russell cost the Raiders. [NFP] By the way, the way people talk about Jake Locker sounds JMR warning bells in my ears.

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RT Checks the Wire 12/15/09

Sorry for the delay on Tues Wire Check and not having one yesterday, but I seperated my shoulder, so there.


* The Mayor of Oakland wants a water front park which he thinks will revitalize the city. In other news, rich people root for the Giants so there is no way it can be privately financed and the city of Oakland is broke. Good luck with that. [SF Gate]

* It is time for the Giants to sign Holiday. He will cost a fortune but the 2010 Giants season will just as pointless as the Warriors 2009-2010 season without the addition of a big time hitter. [SI]

* Garko will not be back with the Giants. Who else is excited that the Giants traded a bunch of prospects for Freddie Sanchez instead of Victor Martinez!? [SJ Merc]


* The Niners are officially the Vikings without Brett Favre! How exciting! [SF Gate]

* Nothing like ripping the defense when the quarterback can't throw the football more than 25 yards. Great reporting! [SJ Merc]


* Keep losing Warriors ... we need John Wall. [CC Times]

* How pointless is the Warriors season? Someone at the Chronicle thought this story was newsworthy. My journalism 101 teacher would have failed me if I turned this in. [SF Gate]

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Checking the Wire 12/14/09


The Radiers win streak ends, at one. [SFGate]

With Gradkowski injuring both knees, will Davis turn the ship back over to JaMarcus? [SJ Merc]

So, Toby Gerhart wins the award for best running back in college football, but finishes second in Hesiman voting to...a running back? WTF? [SFGate]

49ers Q&A for Matt Maiocco from his readers. [Press Democrat]

Kevin Lynch ranks Scot McCloughan's first round picks. [SFGate]


Bruce Jenkins' NBA thoughts. [SFGate]

Warriors Fast Break thinks the Warriors could beat the Sixers and salvage something on this road trip. [SJ Merc]


Jack Cust will not be an A next year. [CC Times]

Ryan Garko will not be a Giant next year. That trade worked, eh? [SJ Merc]

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Checking the Wire 12/11/09


Remember when all the good bowls were on New Year's day? [SFGate] The hypocrisy of the NCAA is that they claim a playoff would cause players to miss more class, but the bowls now extend further into January than ever.

One last case for Toby Gerhart for Hesiman. [SJ Merc]

The Cardinals are ready for the 49ers. [Press Democrat]

Ron Jaworski is noticing Alex Smith's mechanics. [SJ Merc]

The positive about DHB being hurt? No drop off in production. Thank you. Thank you. [CC Times]

JaMarcus Russell, in his own words, still ridiculous. [SFGate]


Johns Shea takes the Giants temperature after the winter meetings. [SFGate]

The A's finally got tired with Santiago Casilla not reaching his potential. [CC Times]

The Giants' offseason: Fans, please lower your expectations. [SFGate]


MTII had a live chat with Stephen Curry yesterday. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 12/9/09


Bruce Jenkins recycles his defense of McGwire for the Hall of Fame. [SFGate]

The rest of Jenkins' 2010 HOF ballot. [SFGate]

Bobby Crosby is headed to Pittsburgh. Meh. Also, look for the A's to kick the tires on Matsui and Vlad. [CC Times]

The Giants are going to stay young and stay away from Johnny Damon and Jermaine Dye. [SJ Merc]

Bochy discusses the top of the Giants' lineup. Ugh. [SFGate]

Barry Bonds' son got arrested. [SJ Merc]


Maiocco's 53-man review from the 49ers-Seahawks game. [Press-Democrat]

The Niners dropped the ball, literally. [SFGate]

Gradkowski wins AFC Offensive Player of the Week award. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 12/7/09


The 49ers were run crazy in the first half of the season and opponents adjusted and now, it seems, the 49ers are pass crazy. It didn't lead to a win yesterday, but at least we can better evaluate Alex Smith. The Seattle loss was on the coaches. [Sac Bee]

The 49ers are what they are. Mediocre. [SJ Merc]

The 49ers botched that game. [Press Democrat]

The Raiders go into Pittsburgh and upset the Steelers? With Bruce Gradkowski throwing three 4th quarter touchdowns? Whaaaaaaaaa? [CC Times]


The Giants and A's have different approaches to this offseason than a year ago. [SFGate]

Joe Stiglich will update us on the A's front at the baseball winter meetings. [CC Times]

Same with Andrew Baggarley for the Giants. [SJ Merc]

Brain Sabean is the new Senior GM in the league and start the speculation about Adrian Gonzalez. [SFGate]

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Checking the Wire 12/4/09


Could the Raiders cut JaMarcus Russell? [CC Times]

The 49ers offensive line will be tested in Seattle. [Press Democrat]

The Raiders juggle some defensive starters. [SFGate]


Don Nelson's back, Warriors lose. Anybody surprised? [SJ Merc]

Raja Bell had surgery and is out 3 months. He "could" be back in time for the Warriors to trade him, or so they hope. [CC Times]


What free agent mistake will the Giants make this year? McCoveyChronicles ranks the contenders. [MCC]

The A's made a deal to get Aaron Miles. Yay? [SFGate]

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RT Checks the Wire 12/3/09


* If Gore likes it, I like it. [SF Gate]

* Breaking news: the Raiders still suck. [CC Times]

* Wait a second, Vernon Davis is now a play maker? Is it opposite day? [SJ Merc]

* Great college football game tonight. [ESPN]


* What do two CY Youngs get you? An ESPN commercial. [SF Gate]

* What do you do when your pitching staff is dominant and you can't hit? Get rid of your leading RBI guy who happens to be play catcher. Makes sense to me ... it is opposite day. [SF Gate]

* I added the A's article because I thought someone from Portland might want to read about their future baseball team. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 12/2/09


Even though Monta Ellis has reached "IT" status, the team is still dysfunctional. [SFGate]

Ice Randolph is out 1-2 weeks. [CC Times]

More Ellis gushing. See if you can spot the blasphemy in the blog post title. Think musical. With all this Ellis love flowing, maybe RT will write something for us? [SJ Merc]


The Giants don't offer Bengie Molina arbitration. [SFGate] Meh.

Baggarly combs through the arbitration-less free agents and identifies some possible Giants targets. Dye, Damon, Hudson, Tejada? [SJ Merc]


Maiocco's 53 man review of the 49ers-Jaguars game. [Press Democrat]

The 49ers are bringing in Dwight Clark to help make "The Catch" on the business end. [SJ Merc] Please, no complaints about terrible puns stretched terribly thin.

Raiders fans buy a billboard to try and sway Al Davis' cold black heart.*[Sac Bee]
*Al Davis' heart color and temperature are speculated.


The Sharks continue to kick so much ass they don't bother taking names. [SFGate]

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RT Checks the Wire 12/1/09


* Is Roger Craig a Hall of Famer? Not really. [Pro Football Reference]

* I love how the Niners have one good offensive weekend and people are talking about who gets the credit. How about the people who should get fired for running such a terrible offense for the first 11 weeks of the season!? [SF Gate]


* The first person to tell you the Heatley trade was a no-brainer was ... ME! Nice try Mark Purdy. [SJ Merc]


* Monta - Stephen Jackson = All-Star / IT player. Remember when you were talking to that guy that said trading Jackson was a bad idea? How dumb does that guy look!? [SF Gate]

* NBA Rookie rankings. [CNNSI]

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Checking the Wire 11/30/09


The offense is in a state of flux, but the 49ers will make the playoffs on the play of the defense. [SFGate]

Mike Singletary's actions point to him being less stubborn than we think. [SFGate]

Mark Purdy flip flops on Alex Smith and apologizes. [SJ Merc]

Singletary was impressed by the leadership from his offensive players. [Press Democrat]


You know how the Warriors need a true point guard? Well, apparently there's a ton in the NBA today. [SFGate]

The bottom 10 plays from the Raiders Thanksgiving loss to the Cowboys. [SFGate]


Pay the man. [SFGate]

The A's are showing interest in a Cuban defector, just not the good one. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 11/24/09


Singletary is starting to feel the sting of losing and things not going according to plan. [SJ Merc]

Bill Belichick and Bill Walsh have three Super Bowl rings a piece, but Belichick's coaching tree isn't growing like Walsh's did. [SFGate]

The 49ers need continuity on offense. [Press Democrat] It's interesting that Mike Johnson (QB Coach) spent his year away from football getting his college degree AND studying the spread offense. Hmm. Jimmy Raye's longest run as an OC was three seasons. Hmmm. Also, Allen Rossum was cut by the Cowboys because he couldn't stay healthy, the same reason the 49ers cut him earlier this season.

The 49ers dropped the tampering charges against the Jets. [Sac Bee]

Tom Cable punted on 4th and 1 and then thouhgt about going for two instead of the tie. [CC Times]


Don Nelson won't make the Texas road trip with the Warriors as he battles pneumonia. [SFGate]

Pneumonia is a hell of an excuse to get away. [CC Times]

Nelson is sick as a dog and CJ Watson is recovering from swine flu. No wonder Jackson wanted to leave so bad. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 11/23/09


Is it time for the Niners to tailor the offense to Smith's strengths? [SFGate] It already feels like it's a game too late. But, it might not matter. Alex Smith is not the future of the 49ers. Colt McCoy anyone?

Mark Purdy seconds the notion that Alex Smith isn't the answer. [SJ Merc] Here is the key quote from Alex Smith that highlights the notion: "I think we came out, for whatever reason, apprehensive, cautious and kind of waiting for somebody to make a play." When you are the #1 overall pick, YOU aren't suposed to be apprehensive. YOU are supposed to make plays. I've been a staunch Smith supporter since he was drafted, making various excuses for his play. But, it's over, Smith is not the answer.

Gradkowski brings a much needed energy to the Raiders. [SFGate]

With the playoffs now pretty much a pipe dream, Maiocco outlines the 49ers remaining goals. [Press Democrat]

The 49ers' coaches put a bad gameplan together despite hacing extra time to prepare. [Sac Bee]

Jerry Mac's Raiders post game wrap. [CC Times]

Top 10 plays from yesterday's Raiders win. [SFGate]


The A's signed Dallas McPherson. [CC Times]

Some Giants notes, including the notion of moving Freddie Sanchez to third if they acquired Dan Uggla. Not good. [SFGate]


The glass is half full at the Fast Break Warriors blog. [SJ Merc]

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Checking the Wire 11/20/09


Lincecum wins the Cy Young and talks about getting busted. [SJ Merc]

Rob Neyer takes a closer look at NL Cy Young balloting. [ESPN]

The Giants are unlikely to go adter Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. [SFGate]


Niners need to limit the YAC on Sunday. [SJ Merc]

Becuase you were dying to know, Q&A with Bruce Gradkowski. [CC Times]

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RT Checks the Wire 11/19/09


* The Warriors are playing with a lot more heart now that Jackson is gone. To bad they have played the Cavs and Celtics on the road. [SF Gate]

* Where will Monta end up? How about the Warriors!? [SJ Merc]


* The Chronicle proves once again that they don't know anything about sports. [SF Gate]

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Checking the Wire 11/18/09


Warriors lose to the Cavaliers. RT, did they cover? Also, an update of the "Big Meeting" tomorrow between management and Monta Ellis. LeBron James was giving Stephen Curry advice after the game. LBJ a GSW next year? I kid. I kid. [CC Times]


Andrew Bailey won the Rookie of the Year, now the A's need to find one that swings a bat. [SFGate]

Lincecum has to go to court before the judge signs off on his pot ticket. Can't blame the judge for wanting an autograph, right? [SFGate]


Matt Wilhelm stepped up nicely when he came in for a hurting Takeo Spikes who may still be out Sunday. [Sac Bee]

No starting QB has been announced for the Raiders, but there's other stuff to talk about, too. [SFGate]

Chris Johnson and his quest for 2,000 yards rushing. [NY Times]

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Stephen Jackson is not a Warrior.

by RT

The day of reckoning has finally come and the Warriors get a B+ for how they handled the Stephen Jackson situation. As I have written in the past, the Warriors should have told Jackson he was not welcome at practice or at games and told him that he would not be traded. Simply put – “you can come out of your room when you are ready to play nice.” Of course, the only team to actually go through with such a threat was the Denver Broncos this last summer with Brandon Marshall. Amazingly enough, Marshall is headed for the Pro Bowl as a Bronco and not a Charger or Cowboy. Of course, there was no guarantee this strategy would have worked with Jackson.
When Al Harrington got traded this time last year, the event was permanently etched in the head of Jackson and his agent. While Captain Jack gave the Warriors everything they wanted and more, the team continued to lose and he had to start thinking – “I am stuck with this team that will not be a winner for at least another two years.” The reality is that most NBA players want to win unless they are living in New York, LA or Miami. The New York Knicks have been terrible over the past 7 season and the only player that has requested a trade was Starbury, who is at least 30 cards short of a full deck. So while Al Harrington is eating steak at Angelo and Maxie’s with super models, Jackson is stuck in Oakland going nowhere fast. For the Warriors, the Al Harrington trade was a disaster because he got exactly what he wanted while the Warriors got nothing in return. The Warriors were not about to let a player get exactly what he wanted again.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Warriors must have narrowed their trade partners down to all the terrible teams in the league and the teams that do not play in the above-mentioned cities. This list of teams was short to say the least. As any good trader knows, the best trade is often the one you didn’t make. With that thinking in mind, the GM of the Bucks, T-wolves, Pacers, Jazz, Grizzles and Kings need to be given a lot of credit for not getting involved in the Stephen Jackson trade talks. However, the Bobcats, a train wreck of a franchise in their own right, could not stay away.

In a lot of respects, this trade was a huge in for the Warriors.

* They get a significant amount (~$21 mm) in savings over the next 3 years.

* Monta Ellis now has to take the team seriously when they tell him – “If you don’t want to stay, your options are Utah, Sacramento or Minnesota.”

* The Warriors have not righted the ship, not even close, but the die-hard fans now know that the Warriors realize how poorly they handled the Harrington trade last year.

The only real negative in all of this is that the Cavs were likely offering two expiring contracts for Jackson which would have been nice trade chips later this winter. However, most fans don’t understand the mutiny which would have occurred if Jackson would have ended up in Cleveland. Think about it – one guy gets to play in the best city in the world and the other guy gets to play with the best player in world. If I was a janitor at Oracle, I would have asked for a trade to the Staples Center because there was no reason to believe I wouldn’t get it.

Finally, I think I speak for most Warriors fans when I say that Stephen Jackson still has some good basketball in him. He is a very unique player that can not only guard the best players in the world but he can also score from about anywhere on the court. However, his best Warriors days were behind him. He needed to be a mentor to the younger players on an off the court. He needed to play the point forward that looked to create mismatches on the offensive end. He needed to teach this team how winning in the NBA is about sacrificing for the good of the team. The bottom line is that the Warriors needed him and he didn’t want them. It was time for him to go.

And yes, there is such a thing as addition by subtraction.

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Checking the Wire 11/16/09


Big news of the day: The Warriors traded Stephen Jackson and Acie Law to the Bobcats for Raja Bell and Vladamir Radmonovic. [CC Times] RT, will have something a little more in-depth later today, but the Warriors definitely are "winners" in this trade. The team could be worse without Jackson from a talent standpoint, but the Warriors weren't going to the playoffs. Sorry Dubs fans. Acie Law and Raja Bell are on expiring deals. Radmonovic has a $6.9M option for next season, while Jackson has $28M over the NEXT three years, not counting 2009. We'll wait and see if RT thinks there is any more wheeling and dealing left.

Kawkami chimes in, from vacation. [SJ Merc]


The Raiders' failures are directly related to their last three 1st round picks: Russell, McFadden and Heyward-Bey. [CC Times] I'll even expand on the last 10 Raiders' first round picks: Michael Huff, Fabian Washington, Robert Gallery, Nnamdi Asomugha, Philip Buchanon, Derek Gibson, Seabstian Janikowski. One great player, Asomugha, and the rest is garbage.

Gwen Knapp summarizes the Alex Smith experiment. [SFGate]

JaMarcus Russell, still bad. [SFGate]

Stanford is the Bay Area feel good football story. [SJ Merc]

Matt Maiocco presents the 49ers road to a Wild Card slot. [Press Democrat]

How an uncapped 2010 affects the 49ers roster. [Sac Bee]

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Checking the Wire 11/13/09


Kawakami sums it up best: "Josh McDaniels saved the 49ers season…by trading Jay Cutler to the Bears last off-season." [SJ Merc]

It's about a 50/50 chance Frank Gore will become the 49ers all-time leading rusher. Raise your hand if you knew who the current all time rushing leader was? You're lying. [ProFootballReference]

Matt Wilhelm made some big plays filling in for Take Spikes. [SFGate]

Post game quotes from both locker rooms. [Press Democrat]

You know it's bad when Mark Roman gets an INT on you. He hadn't had one since 2006! [SJ Merc]

The loss was not entirely Cutler's fault. [NFP]

You want to watch the Raiders on Sunday? Well, you better buy a ticket. [Sac Bee]


John Shea tries to forecast the bad contracts that will be offered this off season. [SFGate]


Sharks blow a two goal lead and then lose in shoot out. Whatever, wake me when it's the playoffs. [SJ Merc]

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RT Checks the Wire 11/12/09


* Bears-Niners! It looks like I am not the only one who likes the Niners in this one. [SF Gate]

* Apparently, the Niners are having a bad season because of little mistakes. I thought not having a quarterback was a HUGE mistake!? [SJ Merc]

* Some Raiders lineman is doing well ... besides his Mom and Dad, nobody cares. [CC Times]


* Koski and I came up with a new plan for the Warriors yesterday. Instead of trading Jackson, they should keep him, have the second worst record in the league (no place suck like New Jersey), draft John Wall out of Kentucky and trade Curry to the Knicks for the top pick for the next four years. I really don't see how this does not make the team better in 2013. [SJ Merc]

* TK thinks Curry will be fine. Agreed. [SJ Merc]

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Checking the Wire 11/11/09

The fact that Kawakami felt he had to write this article is embarrassing. [SJ Merc]


The most over-hyped non-story of the week: Vernon Davis' supposed bulletin board material, “The guys up front, I think we can destroy them. I don’t see anything spectacular about their front line.” Whatever. It's two teams without a winning record playing in the middle of November, not Joe Namath before Super Bowl III. Retarded. [SJ Merc]

Is there anything Stanford football announcer, Bob Murphy can't do? [SF Merc]


WTF?!?!?! Were in the second week of the NBA season and the All Star ballots are out? [SFGate]

You know what's not helping the Warriors trade Stephen Jackson? Everybody saying the need to trade him. [SFGate] P.S. It's not going to help.


Baggarly sees Molina's chances of returning to the Giants somewhere between remote and unlikely. [SJ Merc]


Dan Boyle, last night's hero. [SFGate]

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RT Checks the Wire 11/10/09


* Let me get this straight ... if Stephen Jackson distributes the ball and plays the big point guard the team needs to have Monta play his natural position at point guard, the Warriors are really good!? I have no idea who would have thought that was a good idea. [SF Gate]

* Am I the only one that finds it ironic that Stephen Jackson's agent is ripping the only coach who could make his client look good enough to get a ridiculous long term contract? [SF Gate]

* Jackson will be gone in a few weeks. Challenge. [Yahoo Sports]


* The Dominican Republic is a really shady place. [SF Gate]


* Chiefs v. Raiders this weekend. Yikes. [CC Times]

* At what point can Singletary say "we are sticking with the quarterback that gives us the best chance to take the highest rated quarterback in next year's draft" [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 11/9/09


Ugly 49ers loss yesterday with 4 turnovers leading to 24 points for the Titans. Officially, MAYDAY! [SJ Merc]

Matt Maiocco breaks down each turnover concludes that Alex Smith's eyes betrayed him. [Press Democrat]

Jerry Mac looks ahead at the Raiders' remaining schedule. [CC Times]

Things aren't too friendly between the NFLPA and the League. [CC Times]

Gwen Knapp doesn't like Thurdsday NFL games. [SFGate]

Mike Lombardi's First Half thoughts. [NFP]

Lombardi mentions the 49ers are in a tough spot and I tend to agree. Before the losing streak, I was content to wait out Hill and let him manage. Hill's inability to make all the NFL throws (15 yard outs, especially) caused him to be benched. Smith has a better arm, but makes too many turnovers. I was close to dead set on not taking a QB with one of the two 1st round picks next season, but unless Smith shows A LOT more down the stretch, I'll take Bradford, McCoy or Claussen next April.


Names being linked to the A's: Chone Figgins, Vlad Guerrero. [CC Times]

Angel Villalona's trial should begin soon, maybe? God bless the USA court system (weird, right?) [SJ Merc]


RT, how does it feel when the Warriors' season is over five games into the schedule? [SJ Merc]

MTII's post game wrap including: Cap'n Jack no likey Omri Casspi. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 11/06/09


Lincecum got busted. I hope he wins the Cy Young even more now. [SFGate]

Baggarly with some clever taunts Lincecum may hear in the future. [SJ Merc]

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Ray Ratto, you're old and out of touch. [SFGate]


Ratto reminds Raiders fans that they have not sunk as low as possible. [SFGate]

2008 First round pick, Kentwan Balmer, will see increased playing time over the next few weeks. [Press Democrat]

Kevin Lynch's plan on implementing a spread offense. Slowly. [SFGate]

Usually, teams like to lay low on a bye week. The Raiders can't help themselves. [CC Times]


Warriors-Clippers preview. (Everybody, but RT yawns.) [SFGate]


Sharks, lose? Sharks lose. [SFGate]


Women's soccer, dirtier than you think. [Deadspin]

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Checking the Wire 11/4/09


Hey Warriors fans! Are you ready for some Anthony Randolph? Too bad. [SJ Mercs]

It's game three and Scott Ostler is calling it a "must win?" Stupid. [SFGate]


Ray Ratto's one-year assessment of Singletary. [SFGate]

Kawakami says the second half of the season will test Singletary's abilities. [SJ Merc]

Everybody's asking why the 49ers didn't spread out their offense against Indy. Matt Maiocco has your answer. [Press Democrat]


John Shea with predictable hind sight. [SFGate]

Watch some young A's in the Arizona Fall League on the MLB Network. [CC Times]

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RT Checks the Wire 11/3/09


* It's funny that the Raiders are thinking about firing Cable because of his off the field issues. I would fire him for his on-the-field issues. [SF Gate]

* His defense did not give up a touchdown pass to Peyton Manning and almost beat the best team in the NFL. The week before his team was getting blown out on the road and they had a chance to tie or win the game at the end. However, Kawakami wonders if Singletary can coach. Personally, I think he has a legitimate question here. [SJ Merc]

* Besides Cam "Dwight Howard can dunk hard so the Magic are better than the Lakers" Inman, who cares what Lane Kiffin thinks about the Raiders? [CC Times]


* The Giants have developed one major league hitter from within the organization in the last 15 years. Makes sense to promote one of the minor league coaches to the Giants hitting coach. They are killing it in the Giants building these days! It is time to throw a parade! [SF Gate]

* Would anybody be "shocked" if the Phillies won the World Series? Seriously. [CNNSI]


* Azubuike will start. In other news, Nellie is still playing Stephen Jackson so who cares. [SJ Merc]

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Checking the Wire 10/30/09


The 49ers might open up the passing game a little. Maybe. [SJ Merc]

Also from Kawakami, Crabtree is a game changer for the 49ers. [SJ Merc]

JaMarcus Russell showed up to work at 6:30am on Wednesday, setting his own personal best. Next stop, Championship! [SFGate]

Niners biggest challenge this week? Contain Peyton Manning. [SJ Merc]

Louis Murphy and Chris Johnson are hurting. [CC Times]

The Crabtree tampering case is still moving forward. Yay? [ProFootballTalk]


It's time for Cal basketball to step up. Isn't that what they've been telling the football team? [SFGate]

Will RT be watching Curry v. Nash tonight? I think so. [SFGate]


Ray Ratto gets red-ass about the Sharks. [SFGate]

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RT Checks the Wire 10/29/09


* I love how the chronicle focuses on the fact that Morrow missed a three pointer and not the fact that taking Curry out was the reason the Warriors lost. Good stuff [SF Gate]

* The Warriors need a coach that is going to teach the young guys something, anything. Until then, just keep shooting [SJ Merc]


* Best team in the Bay Area just keeps winning. [SF Gate]


* Raiders teammates are backing up Russell which is why teams need coaches and management. [CC Times]

* Willis no longer carries the green dot. [SF Gate]

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Checking the Wire 10/28/09


Warriors season begins tonight...

And they COULD*** make the playoffs. [SFGate]

How many of us will actually be going to games? Not counting RT. [SJ Merc]

Live Chat with Marcus Thompson of the CC Times before the game tonight. [CC Times]

Adam Lauridsen analogizes the 2009-2010 Warriors and the Bay Bridge. [SJ Merc]


Everybody's talking about Quarterbacks today. [SFGate]

The Raiders and 49ers are in limbo. [CC Times]

The 49ers' offensive line, which has played soooo great lately, got a little thinner. [Press Democrat]

See inside the mind of a Raiders fan. Q&A with Matt Gutierrez. [Sac Bee]

Jerry Mac, the eternal optimist. "At least penalties are down." [CC Times]

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RT's Official Golden State Warriors 2009-2010

by RT

Last Year…

Not surprisingly, the Warriors’ season was a nightmare. The happy days of the Baron-led Warriors was long gone and the team lacked true leadership and an identity. The ghost of Monta Ellis’s injured ankle hung over the team for most of the season and, apparently, scared the team into playing no defense for most of the season.

However, it wasn’t all terrible. As I said in last year’s preview, out of Wright, Randolph or Bellinelli, one of them was going to show signs of greatness. True enough, Wright got hurt, Bellinelli was given no direction (or coaching) and continued to tread water in the pool of mediocrity and Randolph showed displayed flashes of greatness. The only person I know who loves the NBA as much as I do gave some very high praise to Randolph last week.

If nothing else, the 2008-2009 Warriors’ season provided us with two major positives:

1) Randolph has the potential to be an All-Star

2) Monta Ellis showed signs of his old greatness

As you should all should know by now, having two “IT” players is basically a requirement for a team to contend for a title.

The Off-Season

The Good…

* Stephen Curry: As I go through this preview I am going to remind all the bandwagon I-became-a-Warriors-fan-in-2007 fans (aka “dubs” fans) about how good we have it in 2009-2010. Before Chris Mullin became the GM, the Warriors would have taken Jordan Hill in this year’s draft. Instead the Warriors made the best pick possible by taking the dynamic guard from Davidson with the number 6 pick. The name of the game in the NBA draft lottery is take the best player available no matter who you have on your roster and that is exactly what the Warriors did. There are really only two possible outcomes for Curry.

1) He becomes the second coming of Steve Nash and we get to sit back and watch some amazing basketball over the next 12 years.

2) He becomes the second coming of Dale Ellis. (Dubs fans, he was a sharp shooter who brought nothing to the table except quality three-point shooting.)

* Amare Stoudemire is not a Warrior: Koski told me over the weekend how much he hates the Warriors management. I told him that I am willing to give them a chance but if they trade for Amare, I am done. The bottom line is the Warriors have a lot of young talent and they will need to trade some of it to take the next step but the time to do it not now. The fact that the current management had the discipline to not mortgage the future for a quick fix, is a good sign.

The Bad….

* Captain Jack to Stephen Jackson: If you ask anyone who knows anything about basketball, the Warriors need to have a tall point guard who can guard the likes of Kobe and Brandon Roy while Monta plays shooting guard. Amazingly enough, the Warriors already have that player and his name was Captain Jack. However, the clock struck midnight on this relationship and or fearless leader has turned back into a pumpkin. A starting lineup of Capt. Jack, Monta, Randolph, Ronny Turiaf and Andres Biedrins is pretty darn intimidating. Unfortunately, we will never get to see it.

* Don Nelson is still the coach: Like George W. Bush in December last year, Don Nelson doesn’t care anymore and is already looking towards retirement. As a result, a team oozing with talent and looking for guidance has only two “role models” – 1) the man mentioned above and 2) a coach who drinks scotch before games and who will tell the young players “just keep shooting”. By the all-star break, we will be mentioning Cohan’s decision to not let Nelson go in the same breath as the Corey Maggette signing.

The Ugly…

Randy Johnson*

Outlook 2009-2010

For those of you not familiar with my preview style, I will talk about what the Warriors should do and my predictions as opposed to what they will do (which will undoubtedly not be what I suggest)

The Stating Line-up

Point Guard: Stephen Jackson

He is under contract and as long as the Warriors force him to honor that contract (see what I said about the Al Harrington situation last year which applies to the Stephen Jackson situation this year), he still gives the Warriors a chance to be successful this year. Monta needs to play shooting guard and Stephen Jackson is the perfect player to get the offense started for the Warriors unconventional backcourt. Not to mention, he can still guard the likes of Kobe Bryant and Manu Ginobili.

Shooting Guard: Monta Ellis

To be clear, Monta should be playing the same role AI played for the Sixers in the late 90s and early 2000s. For all the dubs fans out there, AI was the first under 6’4” player to play carry the burden of scoring and lead his team to the finals. Monta is cut from the same cloth and there is no reason that he cannot do the same thing AI did if the Warriors surround Monta with the right supporting cast.

(I can’t be the only person who thinks this backcourt makes perfect sense)

Small Forward: Anthony Randolph

If the Warriors do nothing else this year, the one thing they need to do is play Randolph 40 minutes a night. Period. He will have nights where is the best player on the court and other nights where even the most optimistic Warrior fan will think he will never live up to the hype. Either way, he needs to be allowed to play and gain confidence from his successes and learn from his mistakes.

Power Forward: Ronny Turiaf

There is a better chance of the sun rising in the west then there is of Turiaf starting at power forward on a Don Nelson team. I cannot help but agree with this move by Don Nelson. There is nothing that drags a team down like an unselfish, hard-working, defensive rebounding power forward in your starting frontcourt. Smart move Mr. Nelson … your genius knows no bounds.

(I cannot wait for the Cam Inman article in 2011 when he calls the next Warriors coach a genius for playing Turiaf and Biedrins side by side. Of course, I might be giving Inman too much credit)

Center: Andris Biedrins

The definition of a rock solid NBA player is Andris Biedrins. The only question is how many years can the Warriors count on him to be a 13-11 guy who plays great defense and always seems to get better right when you think he has plateaued? 10 more years? 12? I am starting the campaign that says anyone who bad mouths Biedrins at a Warriors game should spend a night in the drunk tank at the county jail.

The Bench

* Corey Maggette: It is about time we started calling Maggette “Mr. 2nd Quarter”. All Maggette cares about are his numbers and Nelson finally started to realize that last year. As a result, Maggette is the perfect player to play during garbage time (aka the 2nd quarter) in an NBA game. He could score 16 points in 12 minutes and with 12 of the 16 coming from the line. The Warriors would win at least 5 more games just for the fact that Maggette would keep them in games they would normally roll over in. I love this plan.

(Of course, Nelson will think Maggette is playing a great game by halftime, leave him in during crunch time and Maggette will stop driving to the basket because he will have scored his 23.5 points and start shooting fade away jump shots because he does not want to get hurt. Who says NBA players are selfish!?)

* Anthony Morrow: What is the exact opposite of Biedrins? Anthony Morrow. The only thing I know for certain is that he will have night where he has a hard time guarding a flag pole let alone an NBA player. However, the combination of his offensive skill and hustle probably puts him in front of Kelenna Azibuke. I don’t think Morrow is destined for greatness, but he could prove to be a legitimate candidate for the 6th man of the year award.

* Kelenna Azibuike: What can you say about the Wizard of Azibuike? He does everything well and nothing great. While that description is to be considered a negative comment when talking about a starter, it is a compliment for a reserve. There isn’t a Warrior fan who should be upset when he comes on to the floor.

* Brandan Wright: Let’s play Jeopardy –

Answer: For the Warriors to make the playoffs in the 09-10, this player needs to have a breakout season.

Question: Who is Brandan Wright?

In other news, Brandan Wright might miss the season with a shoulder injury.

* Acie Law IV: Allow me to make this quick … Acie Law is a poor man’s Marco Bellinelli.

(and yes, I am very proud of that reference)

* Mikki Moore: The Warriors have to be the only team in NBA history that replaces a skinny power forward who can barely shoot or rebound with a skinny power forward who can barely shoot or rebound. There has to be a player in Germany right now that is 6’10” 265 lbs that can at least rebound. Seriously.

* Speedy Claxton/C.J. Watson/Devean George: Every minute these guys play is a wasted minute. None of them are going to be an integral part of a Warrior playoff team now or in the future, so why play them when some of the other guys need experience.

(Over/Under on how many minutes C.J. Watson averages this year is 15.5. I hate that I love this team)


The Warriors

The Warriors are not going to make the playoffs. However, this is the second best Warriors team (based on talent) the Warriors have had to start a season in the last 14 years. Seriously, look it up if you don’t believe me. While Dubs fans will complain about how terrible the team is, Warriors fans will get to watch some amazing basketball at the Oracle, where the Warriors will be tough to beat. However, young teams struggle on the road and the Warriors will be no different. Once again, I will be too optimistic with my prediction but I am standing behind it. Same exact predication as last year:

Finish: 40-42, 4th in the Pacific and 10th in the Western Conference.

Happy Warriors Season!

The League

The one thing I will say about the 2009-2010 NBA season is that it will be the most boring NBA season in recent memory. The Lakers are far and away the best team and there is no reason they don’t sleep walk to the title.


1. Boston (2)
2. Philadelphia (6)
3. Toronto (8)
4. New Jersey
5. New York

1. Cleveland (1)
2. Chicago (4)
3. Detroit
4. Indiana
5. Milwaukee

1. Orlando (3)
2. Atlanta (5)
3. Charlotte (7)
4. Washington
5. Miami


1. Denver (2)
2. Portland (5)
3. Utah
4. OKC
5. Minnesota

1. San Antonio (3)
2. New Orleans (4)
3. Dallas (7)
4. Houston
5. Memphis

1. LA Lakers (1)
2. Phoenix (6)
3. LA Clippers (8)
4. The Warriors
5. Sacramento

The Finals
LA Lakers over Cleveland

Bold Prediction: The Lakers win 70 games

* The Ugly...Randy Johnson joke courtesy of McCovey Chronicles

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RT Checks the Wire 10/27/09

Welcome to Christmas morning aka opening night of the NBA! In honor of the best day of the year, today's wire check will be all about the best league in world.

First lets sum up everything else.

* Raiders need to draft a quarterback

* Alex Smith is good, Jeff Garcia would be better

* The Giants need a hitter but will overpay for Holiday instead

* The A's need a new GM

* The Sharks are better than ever and the only team worth rooting for.


* Don Nelson is excited for the season ... I am excited for his resignation. [SF Gate]

* According to some the Warriors are the second worst team in the West. This writer would be a good example of a Dub fan (aka someone who has been watching NBA basketball for less than 5 years and thinks this Warriors team is really bad when really it is one of the best Warrior teams in the last 14 years. You can read my preview tomorrow) [SJ Merc]

* Who says the Clippers are cursed? [ESPN]

* Still the best sports information site on the internet. [CNNSI]

* You know whats funny, I have been calling for this lineup change for over a year. [CC Times]

* Everyone agrees, the Warriors are not going to the playoffs [ESPN]

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Checking the Wire 10/26/09


The 49ers offense looked terrible in the first half, coming off a bye week, so Singletary switched things up at half time and Alex Smith looked really good almost a yer to the day after Singletary pulled JT O'Sullivan in favor of Shaun Hill. [SJ Merc]

Gwen Knapp says Smith had nothing to lose, but coming off the becnh hurt his ability to lead the two minute offense. [SFGate]

Maiocco asks if this was all in the script? [Press Democrat]

Darrius Heyward-Bey: Seven games played, 4 receptions 64 yards.

Michael Crabtree: One game played, 5 receptions 56 yards.

The Raiders got blasted and everybody owned up to it, except one. JaMarcus Russell. Nuff said. [SFGate]


Big Mac is back! Weird. [SFGate]

More Big Mac stuff. Inman says Big Mac's return will provide great theater. I'm not so sure that "No Comment" qualifies, but what do I know? [CC Times]

John Shea is optimistic the Dodgers will crumble next season. RT and I aren't quite so sure. [SFGate]

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Checking the Wire 10/23/09


You want a divorce? Okay, you're FIRED! [The Big Lead]

FOX has now opened the flood gates on drunk waterfall jumping. [Deadspin]

Bruce Jenkins states the obvious, which apparently eluded Mike Scioscia, Darren Oliver sucks. [SFGate]

It's all Nick Swisher's fault! Not really, but NY media has to blame someone. [ESPN]


Does anybody care about the Napa D.A.? Anybody? [SFGate]

Despite the non-charges, Mark Purdy is skeptical of Tom Cable's innocence. [SJ Merc]

Kevin Lynch sets the over under on Crabtree catches on Sunday at 2.5. I'll take the over. At least one bubble screen and one quick slant per half. [SFGate]


Stephen Curry wins a starting spot by default. [SJ Merc]

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RT Checks the Wire 10/22/09


* Guess what? The Niners need a passing game. In other words, the world doesn't need a third world war. [National Football Post]

* Wait a second, I thought JaMarcus Russell looked good last weekend!?! How dare you attack the savior of the Raider franchise! [ESPN]

* I would be too positive too if I had his contract. What does he care if he sucks? [SF Gate]

* If you can break a subordinates jaw while on the job and not get charged than we are looking at whole new way of doing business in CA. As a small business owner, I am in favor of Tom Cable avoiding charges. [SJ Merc]


* The newest problem with the Warriors. HINT: It is not winning too much. [SJ Merc]

* The scouts agree ... the Warriors are going to be great this year!! [CNNSI]


* The biggest winner of this years NLCS is ... [MLB]

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Checking the Wire 10/21/09


Warriors' pre-season is almost over. Yawn. [SJ Merc]


Should fans cheer or boo Crabtree? [SFGate] Really? How about this, if he plays well, cheer him and if he plays poorly, boo him?

Kawakami says the pressure is going to build on Shaun Hill over the next few weeks. Alex Smith, be ready. [SJ Merc]

What's taking the Napa D.A. so long to decide whether to file charges in the Tom Cable/Randy Hanson incident? [SJ Merc]

Q&A with Gary Kubiak for this Sunday's 49ers' game against the Texans. [Press Democrat] Who asked this question? With your corners, do you stay on one side or do you have Dunta Robinson shadow the top guy? Did they expect an honest answer? Why not ask which downs they plan on blitzing, too?

After describing the Giants-Raiders game as scrimmage-like, Antonio Pierce is now complimenting the Raiders after they beat the Eagles. [Sac Bee] Gee, thanks for beating our division rival. You're not as bad as I said you were. Could you also beat Washington and Dallas?


Bud Selig recently said he has no plans on expanding instant replay in MLB. Then the "worst call of all time" happened. [Yahoo!] Your move, Bud.

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RT Checks the Wire 10/20/09


* Thank god the Giants don't have a closer that just tries to throw the ball 100 mph and really has no idea where the ball is going. Oh wait ... [SF Gate]


* Let the ass kissing of Michael Crabtree begin. I really hate the Chronicle. [SF Gate]

* You want to know what the lock of the week is ... the Jets because there is no way the Raiders can win two games in a row. [SF Gate]


* One of the better teams in hockey got worked last night by my favorite team ... San Jose Sharks. [SJ Merc]


* Jackson promises peace against Bryant because he wants to play for the Lakers. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 10/14/09


Tim Kawakami has 25 reasons that Robert Rowell should be fired. Love it. [SJ Merc]

Captain Jack is now just Jack. [SFGate]

Why Jack needs to go from WFB. [SJ Merc]


October, so cruel! At least, Bruce Jenkins thinks so. [SFGate]

John Shea is already speculating on a LA-LA World Series. Lame. But, he mentions Molina could get interest from the Mets and a Cain-Fielder trade is damn unlikely. [SFGate]

Sabean and Bochy get two year extensions. Meh. [SFGate]


Mark Purdy doesn't have any glowing things to say about Michael Vick. [SJ Merc]

Isaac Sopoaga is seeking donations for tsunami victims. [SJ Merc]

Antonio Pierce said playing the Raiders felt like a scrimmage. Ouch. [CC Times]


Is Torrey Mitchell always hurt? C'mon. [SJ Merc]

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