Checking the Wire 12/2/09


Even though Monta Ellis has reached "IT" status, the team is still dysfunctional. [SFGate]

Ice Randolph is out 1-2 weeks. [CC Times]

More Ellis gushing. See if you can spot the blasphemy in the blog post title. Think musical. With all this Ellis love flowing, maybe RT will write something for us? [SJ Merc]


The Giants don't offer Bengie Molina arbitration. [SFGate] Meh.

Baggarly combs through the arbitration-less free agents and identifies some possible Giants targets. Dye, Damon, Hudson, Tejada? [SJ Merc]


Maiocco's 53 man review of the 49ers-Jaguars game. [Press Democrat]

The 49ers are bringing in Dwight Clark to help make "The Catch" on the business end. [SJ Merc] Please, no complaints about terrible puns stretched terribly thin.

Raiders fans buy a billboard to try and sway Al Davis' cold black heart.*[Sac Bee]
*Al Davis' heart color and temperature are speculated.


The Sharks continue to kick so much ass they don't bother taking names. [SFGate]