Retooling FatGuyCoalition

FGC will be down for the next couple weeks as I try and retool the format and content. I want to try and get a weekly podcast going, so hopefully we'll be back up in March.

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Checking the Wire 12/28/09


Tim Kawakami's Hitmen of the Year, Tim Lincecum/Barry Zito. [SJ Merc] Yup, that prety much sums the current state of the Giants.


The Niners' win is tempered by the crappy opponent. [SF Gate]

The investment in Ahmad Brooks is paying off. [SF Gate]

Alex Smith is still sending mixed signals about his abilities. [SJ Merc]

The big news for the Raiders yesterday was Janikowski kicking a 61-yard FG. You're 2009 Oakland Raiders! [SF Gate]


The Warriors stil stink, while other once stinky teams have bettered themselves. [SF Gate]

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2009 NFL Pick'em battle RT vs. Koski Week 16

Hmmm, the last month has been a rollercoaster for me: 3-0, 0-3, 3-0, 0-2-1. Time to right the ship over these last two weeks. I can't lose to RT in back to back weeks.

This week's picks:


  • Browns -3 v. Raiders
    The Raiders won last week and we all know what that means ... they have no chance this week. Then take into account that the Browns are trying their best to fall out of the top five in the draft - you have a lock on your hands. Browns by a lot.

  • Vikings -7 @ Bears
    Everyone knows I root for the Bears but let's face it ... they gave up on their season about 13 weeks ago. The Vikings are coming off two bad losses and they, like the Packers, are going to come out mad and drill the sorry ass football team which is the 2009 Chicago Bears. This game looks good at Vikings -13.

  • Jaguars +9 @ Patriots
    How many weeks do we have to watch the Patriots until we realize that they are not very good. The Jags seem to play the Patriots tough, so give me the points.

Koski (28-16-1)
  • Ravens +3 @ Steelers
    The Ravens are better than people think and have been playing like it the last couple weeks. The Steelers pulled one out of their arse last week. Baltimore punches its playoff ticket and eliminates the Steelers this week.

  • Packers -14 v. Seahawks
    The Packers lost a heartbreaker next week and are looking to take out their aggression on someone. The Seahawks are the perfect punching bag with terrible cornerbacks for Rodgers to exploit.

  • Eagles -7 v. Broncos
    The Eagles might be the best team in the NFL. Don't believe me? Read this. The Broncos started off hot, but are 2-6 over their last eight. Plus, Philly needs this win to lock up the NFC East.

Week 1 Results
Koski: 49ers +6.5 @ ARI, Cowboys -6 @ TB, Vikings -4.5 @CLE
RT: Packers -3.5 v. CHI, Patriots -11 v. BUF, Chargers -9 @ OAK
Week 2 Results
Koski: Raiders+3 @KC, Packers-9.5 v. CIN, Chargers-3 v. Ravens
RT: Titans-6.5 @ Texans, Steelers-1@CHI, Panthers+6.5 @ ATL
Week 3 Results
Koski: Giants -6.5 @ Buccaneers, Jets -1 @ Titans, 49ers +6.5 @ Vikings
RT: Texans -3.5 v. Jaguars, Lions +65 v. Redskins, Bengals +4 v. Steelers

Week 4 Results
Koski: Titans -3 @ Jaguars, Giants -9 @ Chiefs, Chargers +6.5 @ Steelers
RT: Bengals -5.5 @ Browns, Cowboys -3 @ Broncos, Patriots -1 v. Ravens
Week 5 Results
Koski: Giants -14.5 v. Raiders, Jets -1 @ Dolphins, 49ers -2.5 v. Falcons
RT: Bucs +15.5 v. Eagles, Patriots -3 @ Bronco, Colts -3.5 @ Titans
Week 6 Results
Koski: Giants +3.5 @ Saints, Packers -13.5 v. Lions, Patriots -9.5 v. Titans
RT: Seahawks -3 v. Cardinals, Browns +14 @ Steelers, Eagles -14 @ Raiders
Week 7 Results
Koski: Packers -9.5 v. Lions, Bengals -1 v. Bears, Colts -13.5 @ Rams
RT: Vikings +5.5 @ Steelers, Jets -6 @ Raiders, 49ers +3 @ Texans
Week 8 Results
Koski: Texans -3.5 @ Bills, Jaguars +3 @ Titans, Falcons +10 @ Saints
RT: Cardinals -10 v. Panthers, Ravens -3.5 v. Broncos, 49ers +11.5 @ Colts
Week 9 Results
Koski: Patriots -10.5 v. Dolphins, Cardinals +3 @ Bears, Falcons -10 v. Redskins
RT: Packers -9.5 @ Buccaneers, Texans +9 @ Colts, Eagles -3 v. Cowboys
Week 10 Results
Koski: Vikings -16.5 v. Lions, Titans -7 v. Bills, Ravens -10.5 @Browns
RT: Cardinals -9 v. Seahawks, Rams +13.5 v. Saints, Raiders -1 v. Chiefs
Week 11 Results
Koski: Steelers -10 @ Chiefs, Patriots -10.5 v. Jets, Jaguars -9 v. Bills
RT: Eagles -3 @ Bears, Cardinals 9.5 @ Rams, Falcons +6.5 @ Giants
Week 12 Results
Koski: Vikings -10.5 v. Bears, Broncos +7 v. Giants, 49ers -3 v. Jaguars
RT: Chiefs +13.5 @ Chargers, Eagles -9 v. Redskins, Patriots +3 @ Saints
Week 13 Results
Koski: Patriots -5 @ Dolphins, Chargers -13 @ Browns, Vikings -4.5 @ Arizona
RT: Seattle -1 v. 49ers, Panthers -6.5 v. Buccaneers, Titans +6.5 @ Colts
Week 14 Results
Koski: Packers - 3.5 @ Bears, Chargers +3 @ Cowboys, Colts -7 v. Broncos
RT: Redskins -1 @ Raiders, Bengals +6.5 @ Vikings, Buccaneers +3 v. Jets
Week 15 Results
Koski: Broncos -14 v. Raiders, Packers +1 @ Steelers, Niners +9 @ Eagles
RT: Dolphins +3 @ Titans, Cowboys +9 @ Saints, Seahawks -6.5 v. Buccaneers

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Checking the Wire 12/23/09


CJ Watson is the Warriors "best" player this season. [SJ Merc]

WFB says, "Ho-hum" about last night's loss. [SJ Merc]


It's going to be ugly between Cleveland and Oakland. Very ugly. [CC Times]


The A's are winning the offseason battle vs. the Giants. [SFGate] Although I'm disappointed, who cares about winning the offseasaon?

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RT Checks the Wire 12/22/09


* Singletary decides to apologize for Smith. Last time I check, Singletary is not God so it is not his fault Smith does not have the talent to be a good quarterback in the NFL. [SF Gate]

* Shockingly, smart people don't want to travel to one of the worst cities in the United States. [SJ Merc]

* I hate to say this but ... Tom Cable deserves to be the coach of the Raiders. [CC Times]


* Monta Ellis does deserve to an All-Star but the Warriors are terrible so good luck next year. [SF Gate]

* At this point, doesn't it benefit everybody if Turiaf and Biedrins don't come back!? The Warriors need John Wall in the worst way and anything that reduces their odds of getting him is a bad thing. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 12/21/09


Don't like Alex Smith? Too bad and get used to it. [SJ Merc]

Gwen Knapp asks why Singletary believes in Smith. [SFGate]

One thing I'll say about Smith. He's the same age as Brady Quinn, 25.

Post Game Wrap from the JaMarcus Russell led comeback victory in Denver. I'm as shocked as you are. [CC Times]


Mark Purdy defends the honor of San Jose-ans(?). [SJ Merc]

It's gonna get Crisp-y in Oakland. [CC Times]

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Checking the Wire 12/18/09


Understatement of the year? "Warriors coach Don Nelson calls Radmanovic a 'sub on a good team'" [SFGate]


Sure, it's only Randy Moss' fault and not Tom Brady's fault. Both Merrill Hoge and Ron Jaworski watched the NE-Carolina game tape and didn't see Moss shutting it down. But, Gwen Knapp doesn't care what the tape says. [SFGate]

Okay, you cover the NFL and not NCAA, I get it. But, you can't call Sam Bradford Mark Bradford. Seriously? [SFGate]

Every day, I like Ahmad Brooks more and more. [SJ Merc]

Seriously, Darren McFadden? WTF? Where's the speed? Where's the breakaway? [CC Times]

At least Alex Smith isn't JaMarcus Russell. how weird is that? Here's what Russell cost the Raiders. [NFP] By the way, the way people talk about Jake Locker sounds JMR warning bells in my ears.

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