Checking the Wire 5/27/09


If this Warriors fan doesn't believe anymore, why should we?

Meanwhile, Flunkster Dude-gate, Ridder-Me-This or whatever you want to call it, just can't seem to go away. Can the Warriors get any more pathetic? Well, see if Riley trades Randoph, then we'll know.


There were some protesters outside AT&T park trying to drum up support to get the Braves and Indians to change their nicknames. It's definitely overdue, but the MLB teams probably won't budge until the Redskins change their nickname.

Ratto wants Bay Area fans to be patient about trading.

Holliday is the type of bat the Giants might want, but the price is higher than either Sabean or Bow-Tie Billy Neukom will want to pay.
Wrong. The Giants are very skeptical of Holliday because of his numbers away from Coors v. at Coors and his agent is...Scott Boras. I really like Matt Cain and think the Giants should keep him. I would only include Cain in deals that are highly unlikely to begin with. Could they get Sizemore from Cleveland? In a word, no. Adam Jones or Nick Markakis from Baltimore, probably not. Unless you are getting a young, prominsing corner outfileder, it wouldn't be worth it.

Purdy posts a positive Posey update.

Giants moves. A's stuff.


UEFA Championship today. I care as much as Europeans care about the Super Bowl.

Cam Inman's list of top 10 offeasons NFL developments.

Thoughts go out to Matt Maiocco's family, his father passed away on Memorial Day.

Michael Bush has plenty to prove.

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Checking the Wire 5/22/09


Bizarre, yet somehow appropriate story out of Warriorsland.

MTII's got the transcript from the conference call with season ticket holders that started the bizarre Ridder story.


Interleague just doesn't do it for Ratto anymore. Interleague play is like Communism, it sounds good in theory, but it doesn't deliver in reality.

Travis Ishikawa hearts Ken Griffey, Jr. Really, John Shea? Really? That's all you got? The Lincecum returns home to Seattle was too obvious? Useless. And what's up with the lead, "Ishikawa wants Griffey to get a hit?" It doesn't say that anywhere in the article. I hope that was some moron editor's fault. BTW, we need an editor here at Fat Guy Coalition.

Baggs' post game notes include a tab on Lincecum's radar readings and Kevin Frandsen's F-A-I-L since being called up. Did you hear? The Giants are 0-for-San Diego. As a Giants fan, I inherently hate the Dodgers and losing to the Dodgers. But, losing to the utterly putrid, disgusting Padres?

Dan Haren returns to Oakland this weekend (So does AJ Hinch, but nobody cares about him).


Michael Vick!
Who cares?

Ann Killion interviews Bear Pascoe, 49ers rookie TE. I'm not much of a cowpoke myself, but I like this Bear. It won't be hard for him to out shine Billy Bajema.

The 49ers signed Dre Bly to replace the injured Walt Harris. Bly is hungry and he may be a gambler, but the 49ers need more ball hawking in the secondary. Bly signed for the veteran's minimum, so it was an easy call.

The Raiders signed a DB of their own
, safety Keith Davis.

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Checking the Wire 5/21/09


The Padres have traded Jake Peavy to the White Sox. Good news for the Giants, right? Tough to say considering Chad Gaudin held them to one run last night and Chris Young has only allowed one earned run to the Giants in 20 innings.

Zito tried, but he couldn't match the streak of Kirk Reuter.

If you haven't heard, Eric Chavez is down to his last back injury before he calls it a career. And just so everybody's not confused, another injury would require a microdiscectomy and not spinal fusion. Duh. The A's also claimed pitcher Craig Breslow from the Twins, which is a typically good A's move, but ultimately won't matter in the big picture because it's the A's.

Baggs digs into the Giants' lineup struggles and what he finds is not pretty. Interesting tidbit at the end about smoking in the clubhouse.


Orlando played tough and Rashard Lewis made some big shots to eke out a big win in Cleveland. LeBron scored 49, where were his teammates?

Now Ratto is checking in on the overblown story of the Nuggets owner booking WWE at the Pepsi Center in Denver the same night that Game 4 of the WCFs are supposed to be played. Did you think Denver would be in the Western Conference Finals? Exactly.

Should the Warriors trade their draft pick? Could be tough.


Cam Inman talked to The Snake about the Raiders and when The Snake talks, you listen.

Jerry Mac's notes and quotes from Raiders' OTAs.

Walt Harris tore his ACL in OTAs the other day and the 49ers are expected to meet with Dre Bly today. I think Bly could be a good fit and the upside is Walt Harris 2006. Bly was exposed in The problem as I see it, is Bly's best seasons were in St. Louis and Detroit, on turf.

Notes from 49ers OTAs.

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RT Checks the Wire 5/20/09

* Zito is starting to earn his money while the offense lives up to expectations.

* The biggest day of the Warriors season ends in disappointment. However, we could end up with Stephen Curry. Wait, that's a bad thing.

* The guy we could only hope falls to the Warriors.

* The Silicon Valley 49ers have their financing. Now, if they only had a quarterback.

* The A's win and the following people care: ____________

* The most sobering news of the day. Good luck Mrs. Mickelson!

* I leave you with my favorite player in the NBA draft.

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RT Checks the Wire 5/19/09

* The Yankees reached a new low last night - check this out.

* Here is vote number one for the Niners to change their name to the Silivon Valley Niners. Who is with me?

* The biggest day of the Warriors season is here! I don't know about you but I am really excited about the chance of the Warriors selecting an undersized power forward that can't shoot.

* Not only is Lowry's career over in major league baseball, but it also may be done with the Giants too.

* Ann Killon goes way out on a limb and says an NFL team will take a chance on Vick. I can't wait for the article next week when she declares the Patriots are willing to name Tom Brady the starting quarterback after last year's injury.

* Eric Chavez admits his injuries might end his career. In other news, everyone knew that 3 years ago expect for A's management.

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Checking the Wire 5/18/09


Bruce Jenkins builds the perfect player piece by piece.

Jesus (Guzman) will get a chance to DH this week as he auditions to take playing time from Travis Ishikawa.

Mark Purdy says the Big Unit needs to be more consistent. Umm, Mark, he's45 years old. He IS NOT a #2 starter. He's doing fine. What Johnson really needs to do is work his magic on Jonathan Sanchez somehow.

Post game Giants' notes from Baggarly. Also, the Giants are undefeated in 2009 when Kevin Frandsen starts. Look it up, RT.

The A's 2009 is on the precipice of oblivion, and nobody seems to care. A's baseball!

What's Zito listening to these days? Well, he's twittering about these guys. Makes sense to me.


The Lakers rolled the Rockets and Air France helped key the Magic's win. Air France?!?

Also from Kawakami, Did the Rowell-Mullin split go back to 2007 KG trade talks?


Monte Poole has a message for JaMarcus Russell: WAKE UP!

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Checking the Wire 5/15/09


Remember how we all thought ManRam tested positive for the female fertility drug? Wrong. Turns out it was steroids while the prescription for HCG is what earned many a 50 game ticket riding pine. Lance Pugmire goes on to demolish the various excuses Manny has given or could have given. I think they know what they're talking about at Cedars-Sinai:

As for HCG, Dr. Glenn Braunstein, an expert in reproductive endocrinology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said the drug slightly bumps up testosterone production but typically not to the level that would cause a T-E ratio such as 4:1. A typical dose leaves a person's system in 36 hours.
Bruce Jenkins ranks the MLB ballparks. The Coliseum? Third to last. Eww.

Mental issues in sports, some overcome some don't. Hasn't it always been like that?

Monitor how the Giants do over the next two weeks because it'll be a good example of their ability to compete for the playoffs later this season.

Kurt Suzuki and his wife are holding a fundraiser for Josh Wilhite, Suzuki's college teammate and a victim in the hit and run accident that killed Angel's pitcher Nick Adenhart. And I would agree with Susan that Kurt is becoming the most popular Oakland A.

Post game notes form Schulman, Renteria getting an MRI, Fastball Master has a slow move to the plate, duh?

Baggs' post game notes, including this about pinch hitter Aurilia in the 8th:
After watching pinch hitter Rich Aurilia strike out while chasing a slider, I was wondering … where in the world is Jesus Guzman?

Aurilia has been much much much better against lefties in recent years and you know why Bochy would go with Aurilia over a less experienced option, but Richie (can I call him that?) has to put the ball in play. Renteria got the game tying base hit afterward, but in the end none of it matters.


Apparently, new GM Larry Riley will go hard for Chris Bosh and it might mean giving up Anthony Randolph. Let me speak for all Warriors fans, WHAT!?!?!?! If you are trying to build a title contending team, Chris Bosh is maybe the #2 in the three "IT" player triumvirate. Randolph could be a #1 and he could be playing Bosh's position by next season! So, this is Hell?


Robert Gallery is putting together a charity car cruise for the families of the slain Oakland Police officers.

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RT Checks the Wire 5/14/09


- All rejoice ... Washington has won the San Francisco city championship!

- One Barry Bonds hater likes the Giants chances now the Manny is nowhere to be found.

- A's win. In other news, nobody cares.


- For the record, you are not a sports city if you only have one major sports team.


- "Larry Riley is not a puppet" - CHALLENGE!


- That's right Raiders fans ... you still have Heyward-Bey. Also, you never "feel" certain - you either you are or are not certain.

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Checking the Wire 5/13/09


SF City Championships today: Whose House? Indeed.

Bruce Jenkins talks of a possible logjam at 1Bfor the Giants in the coming years. He makes one valid point, that the Giants had better trade for an outfielder. Villalona is 19 years old. You don't have to worry about him for another couple years. Things will sort themselves out.

You don't need to click on the link, the title says it all. Chavez's return delayed by back problem.

Orlando Cabrera is now captain of this ship!

That's one happy Panda.


Want to hold a press conference and not say anything? Give the Warriors a call, they can help.

What happened to 'We Believe!'?


Five questions with Thomas Howard.

Jed York introduced the Edward Debartolo, Sr. 49ers Hall of Fame.

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RT Checks the Wire 5/12/09


* The Giants didn't call Adam Dunn because they felt like having an over the hill, light hitting shortstop instead. However, Adam Dunn is not exactly the answer anyways.

* The A's hitting coach is "staying the course" to the unemployment line.

* Randy Johnson wins 298.


* "Mullin, take me with you!" - RT

* Add Ostler to list of media who has nothing to write about so he calls out Mark Cuban. Amazing.


* At what point do the unemployed members of the Black Hole say "the front office is a bunch of idiots"

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Checking the Wire 5/11/09


Casey Blake hurt Brian Wilson's feelings. I don't know about this one. As a player, if you make any sort of sign after you hit a home run or strike someone out or something, the opposition is not going to like it and will probably resent it. Fastball Master should be more upset about giving up the home run than Blake's shenanigans.

Sandoval may get moved over to 1B. That's probably for the best even though Juan Uribe is nothing spectacular offensively or defensively.

Hall of Fame banter:
Bruce Jenkins says throw out the stupid "integrity" clause from the Hall of Fame voting rules.

Pedro Gomez says, cheaters are bad and tries to back up his argument with a faulty analogy.

And John Shea is writing about Bob Melvin getting fired, why?

Really, Scott Ostler? The A's miss Marco Scutaro? Sure.

Uber-prospect Stephen Strasburg pitched a 17 K no-hitter against Air Force last week in the home finale and in front of Nationals GM. (The Nationals have the #1 draft pick) Will he get $50 million?

Kawakami's Super Seven for Monday.


Where in the NFL is Lorenzo Neal? With the Raiders, duh!

The softer side of Mike Singletary.

The DHB era is not off to a good start in Raiderland. It didn't get any better on Sunday.

Jerry Mac looks for Silver lining from mini-camp.

Bee-rows has some odds and ends about the "new" 49ers uniforms.


Marcus Thompson has an interesting trade scenario with Portland, but RT and I don't know why they would want Jamal Crawford.


Even I could write this column.

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Trouble in Paradise?

Giants fans, at least me, are reacting like the munchkins of Oz after Dorothy landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. Manny Ramirez will be suspended 50 games for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. Ah, schadenfreude.

Kawakami's take

Two questions:
1) Will Dodgers fans do the right thing and boo Manny because they are better than those idiot Giants fans who root for cheaters?

2) Will Bay Area sports writers/radio hosts who got so worked up about the Giants not signing Manny repent their lack of judgment?

Other baseball news

Alderson, Crawford and Bumgarner are headed to Double-A.

Brett Anderson's blister will keep him from making his next start, but he won't hit the DL.

Sean Gallagher will take Anderson's spot in the rotation on Saturday.

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Checking the Wire Cinco De Mayo


Despite the "solid" start to the Giants' season, Kawakami is skeptical. As much as I'd like to disagree, the Giants will have a tough time getting to .500 at the end of the season with that lineup. I'm rooting for Ishikawa, but he looks like a John Bowker redux, minus the home runs. All you need to know from the article:

* Giants starting OF, combined: 4 HRs, 18 RBIs, 62 strikeouts.
Bochy sounds slightly concerned about Fred Lewis, and I would be, too, with those 27 K’s and the occasionally errant play in LF. But what about Aaron Rowand (.697 OPS) and Randy Winn (.673)?
* Travis Ishikawa: Fine guy, but that’s a .542 OPS, last among regular first basemen that I could find. By a lot. Yikes.

The A's made some moves before last night's game.

Scott Ostler checked out SDSU pitcher and uber-prospect Stephen Strasburg recently. SDSU, baby!!!

Ann Killion on the Angels' honoring of Nick Adenhart.

Cam Inman says there's no right way to memorialize lost teammates.


Bruce Jenkins with another crotchety old man article about the PA announcers at NBA games.


A second look at Michael Crabtree. Sounds good to me. The only problem is, most rookie receivers struggle to put up good numbers in their rookie seasons. Maybe I'll post some evidence to back up that claim at some point.

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Question of the Day: 5/1/09

Is there a veteran with at least 10 years of experience that is less qualified to breakdown the Bulls-Celtics series than Jalen Rose?

A guy who decided to mail in his career after age 24 and killed every franchise he went to after that, has no right being on T.V. talking about playoff pressure and intensity. Its almost like Eddie Furlong breaking down Sean Penn's performance in "Milk". I can't respect Rose or ESPN for him being on the air. It is one thing if you are knowledgeable and add something interesting other people were not thinking about (Tom Jackson) but it is a whole other thing when you stole money for the last 6 years of your career and then you try to tell me what is going on in a game you would have never played in.

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