What are the 49ers' chances of acquiring Jay Cutler?

by Koski

I first read it at ProFootballTalk.com and it's made it's way to at least one 49ers' beat guy. So, the good news is that Jay Cutler is on the trading block and he will be traded. The bad news is, there are a lot of teams ready pounce with more to offer the Broncos. ESPN is going balls-to-the-wall with it's Cutler coverage with teams that may be interested:

Cleveland: Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn and the Browns own the 5th pick in the draft.

Buccaneers: 19th pick of draft, no 2nd round pick or QB to send Denver, so TB would have to probably add a 2010 first rounder.

Panthers: From the same TB link, Carolina could move Peppers straight up? Panthers don't have a 2009 1st rounder.

Jets: 17th pick in the draft, no QB to send, in same boat as Buccaneers.

Detroit: Two 1st rounders this year including 1st overall and a total of five picks in the first round. The link says Detroit is in a position to even work a Cutler ménage-a-trois trade. Kinky.

Bears: 18th pick overall and Kyle Orton, plus Cutler apparently grew up a Bears fan.

Redskins: I'm too lazy to find another link, but they could give up Jason Campbell and have the 13th pick of the draft. 

49ers: 10th pick of first round and 11th pick of the second round, and No, the Broncos do not want Shaun Hill, at all. 

Right now, the 49ers are probably in the middle of the pack as far as packages they can offer and other teams could still enter the bidding. There are no questions about Jay Cutler's Pro Bowl ability, but plenty of questions about his make up. The 49ers should definitely get in on the bidding, and without giving up future picks or their 2009 2nd ronuder, all other options should be explored. 

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The Giants Get One...Right?

by RT

The Giants sent Kevin Frandsen to AAA on Tuesday and I could not be happier. I am often accused of being too hard on all Bay Area teams. What I tell most of my critics is that I will applaud any move I like and deserves praise. The demotion of Frandsen gives me the opportunity to be positive for once.

At best, Frandsen has the upside of C.J. Watson. He is mediocre at everything and has nothing to do with building a playoff caliber team. Bruce Bochy said Emmanuel Burriss outplayed Frandsen which is like saying Monta outperformed Watson for the starting point guard position. The Giants pushed Frandsen to the majors a few years ago to prove to the fan base that they were trying to get younger. Fortunately for Frandsen, he was the best the organization had at that point so he got his cup of coffee in the show. Now that the Giants have someone with a little upside and talent, they no longer need to have Frandsen playing for the big club.

Is this move a sign that the Giants are ready to start thinking logically about playing real talent and not wasting at-bats on guys that will not help the team win now or ever? Probably not but it does show that someone knows what they are doing on the third floor at 24 Willie Mays Plaza.

Now, somebody tell Sabean to call the Tigers and offer Cain for Cabrera.

(Two good moves in one season is probably too much to ask for. I guess all this positive thinking is clouding my realistic judgment.)

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Checking the Wire 3/31/09


The Warriors lost to the Memphis Grizzlies at home. What? I know, I thought the season had already ended. Kawakami dissects the differences between quitting and tanking, and the Warriors aren't tanking.


Apparently, Ray Ratto has joined the blogosphere, and I wasn't informed? Any-hoo , the Tigers released Gary Sheffield and will be paying his $14.5 million contract this year while Shef plays for some other team, like the A's. Nice.

Joey Devine's arm is not 100%, uh-oh.

Native son, Kevin Frandsen, has been cut. Tough luck, he was going to get his chance to prove himself last season and tore his achilles.

Bruce Jenkins offers his USA WBC dream team, with an interesting cameo.

Now that A's owner Lew Wolff is calling his pal Bud Selig for a feasibility study on a new ballpark, I wonder if the A's will be the Seattle Supersonics of the MLB?


Singletary v. Nolan in the opener? Kind of. The preseason opener.


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RT Checks the Wire 3/30/09


- Buster Posey looks good ... he better for $6.2 mm

- Fred Lewis will not be playing center - good news considering he is a mediocre outfielder as-is

- The A's are in BIG trouble without Duchscherer


- This is the best Warriors article I could find.

- The worst NCAA tournament ever - congratulations selection committee


- Could Marvel Smith be the answer for the Niners?


- Marleau won't play this week.

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Wire Check 3/27/009


Susan Slusser reviews Orlando Cabrera's rough 2008. And leftovers.

Ray Ratto on the A's and Giants: They are who we thought they were.

Edgar Renteria wonders why countries like Italy and South Africa were invited to the WBC, but not Colombia?

Stiglich says The Duke is likely DL bound.

Giants season ticket sales are down 25%. That shoule be viewed as a victory given the nature of the roster. I hope Bill Neukom thanks God everyday for Tim Lincecum.


The 49ers Parys Haralson: Best stats per dollar earned on the roster.


MT-II's latest "Stay or Go?", Corey Maggette. I think we all know the answer, right RT?

Mark Purdy says don't count on Nellie making the Hall of Fame. That's fine withe me, but can we gt Mullin in there, please!

Kawakami revisits his NBA draft preview from last year and


Sharks lose on the road. The team really spoiled us at the beginning of the season. I know they're #1, but it sure doesn't feel like they're playing like it.

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RT returns from Oregon and Checks the Wire - 3/26/09


- The only story worth reading about Jamal Crawford is the one where he opts out a promises not to resign with the Warriors. Of course, you could read this article.

- Koski says "let the Aztec Nation rejoice, we are going to MSG".

- Blake Griffin the next Amare!? Stop laughing. A local sportswriter really thinks this. I promise you that I will hold him accountable.


- Wilson gives the Giants an edge according to the Mercury. I was unaware he could hit.

- This is what I am talking about. Who is hungry!?

- Seriously, is there a sportswriter that is more of a biased, homer than Henry Schulman!? As long as the two best players in the country hate each other, they will never have a team in the WBC. We are a couple weeks away from the baseball season and this is the garbage we get from the Chronicle.


- The Sharks should demand that the hockey season is shortened to a month so they can have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. As it stands, they are starting to look like round 1 losers.


- Who wants more football? ME!!

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Checking the Wire - 3/23/09

NCAA Tourney

Kawakami likes UNC and re-ranks the top 3 teams of the Sweet 16.

Cam Inman says the Sweet 16 is as boring as ever.

Preview of what might be the most exciting NIT game of recent memory, or just the most hyped one. It doesn't matter who wins this game, SDSU will take the title.

No Cinderellas this year. NCAA basketball has been watered down by all the players leaving for the NBA after one or two seasons. I don't remember a year when I have been less excited for the tourney.


The Warriors are living up to the name, team turmoil.

MT-II's Warriors-Hornets post game notes. In case you missed it this weekend, he also put up the "Stay or Go? Nellie" post.

Matt Steinmetz is moving on from the Examiner to AOL/Fanhouse, meh.

Janny Hu says Crawford is the new Harrington.


The Giants' plan is for Buster Posey to spend the entire year in the minor leagues. I might actually go to see a San Jose Giants game this year.

Ray Ratto looks at Bob Geren's contract extension and sees inconsistancies with previous A's coaches under Beane.

Saying it was windy at the Giants-Brewers game would be an understatement.

Schulman also has wind blown notes.

The OPD deaths resound beyond the Bay Area. The A's will pay tribute.

Bruce Jenkins is glad two teams who care made the WBC finals and other WBC thoughts.


Gwen Knapp likes the soft spoken, self assured types, like Shaun Hill.

The Raiders traded for the Dolphins center, Samson Satele.

Tom Cable will have to keep working on the O-line even as head coach.

There was some bad O-line news to counter the good, unfortunately.

Mike Singletary has erected a hill named "Pain" at the 49ers practice facility.

Bee-rows checks in with what the areas of need are for the 49ers.

Maiocco wraps up the first mini-camp.

Al Davis? Compromising? Say it isn't so.


Checking in on the Sharks with 10 games left to play in the regular season.

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RT Checks the Wire - 3/19/09


- Cal is in the NCAA tournament ... who cares.

- Here is one man's picks for the first round. If he does poorly, nobody except for me will call him out because Bay Area sports writers are like the SEC ... no accountability. (BTW - I picked the Steelers to beat the Cardinals in the Super Bowl by a lot. I was wrong! Somebody call me out!!)

- A positive story worth reading.


- This article is pointless because Bobby Crosby has a longest swing in recorded history so it doesn't matter what position he plays. However, please open this link because ... what the F happened to the guy I use to know as Mike "Let go of my" Gallego. Yikes.

- Are they serious with this headline? Somebody send me the NY Daily News ... I am dying here.


- Words of advice for Mike Singletary from a guy that has never coached a day in the NFL. Thanks for that.

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!49ers fans rejoice, it might be the best thing that happens all year.

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Checking the Wire - 3/18/09


Kawakami reviews Baron's return to the Oracle. My thoughts: Who cares? Baron's just a rat that jumped from a sinking ship to sunken ship.

TK also says Ellis is getting back to his old self. If you read last week's debate, where I destroyed RT once again, the better Ellis plays the more the W's can get for him in a trade. Win-win.

Ratto has the tale of the tape between Cal and Maryland's coaches.

I guess someone has to write about the Women's NCAA and Stanford and all.

The MUST READ article of the week is Monte Poole's revelaing look at the Warriors' problems. Read it, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll curse the gods.

Nellie has masterfully spun his "trade Jamal Crawford" platform by saying neither Crawford nor Monta are good enough defensively to run point, so one has to go and it's not going to be Monta.

If you saw Warriors' President Robert Rowell passing out Kool-aid would you drink it? Matt Steinmetz already has.

Via Rob Neyer, Freakanomics blog has some interesting NCAA tourney stats.


John Shea looks at the A's Landon Powell, drafted before Kurt Suzuki, but now behind him.

Bruce Jenkins has some suggestions for the WBC.

Scott Ostler looks to see who will be the most valuable Bay Area baseballer. Ostler says Linceum is the easy, lazy pick. Oh, really? I thought it was obvious that he's miles better than every other A or Giant.

Baggs is back and he looks at the rise of Jesus...Guzman, that is.

Schulman adds to the legend of Jesus' mighty home run.

Next stop on the MCC projection train? Aaron Rowand. Mmmm, mediocre.

If you have the MLB Network and you want to see their A's spring training piece, it was on last night. Don't sweat, it's being replayed tonight at 9 PDT.

After some brief NIT coverage, Jenkins praises Harold Reynolds and bashes Joe Morgan.


Gwen Knapp says the Broncos loss is the Raiders gain. Whatever, the Raiders are still the Raiders.

Nancy Gay recaps the Kiffin-Davis reunion from yesterday.

Jason Jones tackles a reader's question: Will Mario Henderson move to RT?

Jerry Mac chatted with Raiders fans yesterday.

Matt Maiocco and Bee-Rows talk about the 49ers bringing in Steelers OT and Skyline High alum Marvel Smith. If he's healthy and he signs, the 49ers could end up doing something I was sure they wouldn't do, draft a QB at #10.


Obligatory Sharks link.

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RT Checks the Wire - St. Paddy's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day


- The WBC is a waste of time. Here are a few suggested changes.

- The Big Unit misses a start and it is termed "normal" by Bruce Bochy. You got that right.

- Wait a second, Jerome Williams is still getting paid to play baseball!? It's official ... we are not in a recession.


- What has happened to the Warriors? Didn't sign Baron, signed Maggette and traded for Crawford. Easiest question I have been asked in years.

- Internal strife is the cause of the Warriors "collapse"? False. Acquiring selfish players that a guy working full time in finance can see is a bad decision is the reason for the collapse. However, you cannot call this season a collapse when nobody picked you to be any better than you are right now.


- Future headline: Broncos are a complete mess ... beat Raiders 21-17.

- Ann Killion thinks Alex Smith is no longer overpaid? If he is making more than any of the group sales guys, he sure is.


- I am starting to believe that the Sharks cannot choke in the playoffs because no one is expecting them to win.

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Checking the Wire - 3/16/09

NCAA Tourney

Kawakami breaks down his bracket.

What's difference between Cal and St. Mary's? Money, says Ratto.

Mark Purdy says Mike Montgomery is back where he belongs.


Lane Kiffin looked more insane than the Raiders until Al Davis upped the ante.

The Raiders signed Khalif Barnes to a one year contract. Oakland will not be drafting a Tackle with their first round pick.


MT-II busts out his awesome post game notes. Plus, next Warrior for the "Stay or Go?" column, Jamal Crawford.

Janny Hu's post game notes.

Kawakami's post game notes and in typical Kawakami style.


Big mistake by Andrew Baggarly giving Dan Brown the keys to his blog while he's away. Brown gets all defensive with Edgar Renteria.


The Sharks get some of their big guns back tonight.

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Friday Debate: What should the Warriors do with Monta Ellis?

Move Monta
by Koski

The Warriors have effectively painted themselves into a corner of suck since July of last year. The team is not very good, even when healthy, and the payroll flexibility they had after signing Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis to extensions was effectively destroyed by Stephen Jackson’s extension and the Jamal Crawford trade. To make matter worse, Monta Ellis got paid and immediately embarked on a series of immature offenses when he was supposed to be taking a leadership role (The Warriors were delusional to think Monta was ready to be a leader). The Warriors’ front office was upset, not so much with the injury, but the lying (it’s always the lying that makes people mad) and fined Ellis $3 million dollars which then made Ellis upset. The Warriors still hang the “We reserve the right to void your contract” slogan over Ellis as he tries to rehab his ankle, visit his sick mother or whatever he’s been doing. The solution to me is simple - Trade Monta

Monta Ellis is the most attractive asset the Warriors have (Biedrins is essentially “untouchable”) that can create payroll flexibility or bring in a marquee player through a trade. Sure, I’d move Corey Maggette and Jamal Crawford for a bag bricks if I could, but that is not gonna happen any time soon. Also, Ellis’ attitude since he’s signed his contract worries me. There will be deals to be had this upcoming offseason when owners in the NBA will be looking to shed payroll as the salary cap actually goes down next season. Monta is an attractive asset to other team’s because his contract can be considered reasonable when you think of his upside. Ellis’s contract doesn’t even crack the NBA’s top 30 player salaries this season and he’s just about to hit the peak years for a guard in the Association. Ellis presents the perfect opportunity for another team to acquire him via trade, market the move to their fan base as a n attempt to be competitive when it’s purely a cost saving maneuver. The current Warriors lineup has potential to be okay and possible make the playoffs, but just making the playoffs is only acceptable if you haven’t been in 13 seasons. It’s time to build a real contender and the first step is to trade Monta for a marquee player.
Here are some possible trades to consider:

Scenario Number 1:
Monta Ellis and Kelenna Azubuike to the Hawks for Joe Johnson.
Joe Johnson and Monta Ellils are both 20+ppg shooting guards. Johnson is scheduled to make almost $15 mm next season and the Hawks could get a nice two for one in this deal. The Warriors have to pay Johnson, but it’s the last year of his deal and we all know how well he played in the up tempo Suns’ offense. Johnson could also be a valuable trading piece before the deadline as a nice scoring option with an expiring contract would likely attract numerous contenders.
Scenario Number 2:
Monta Ellis and Corey Magette/Stephen Jackson for Dirk Nowitzki
This trade verges on the insane and a lot would have to happen to make this plausible, but hear me out. Yes, I realize Mark Cuban and Don Nelson are as close to being friendly as the Hatfileds are with the McCoys. But, Mark Cuban has expressed his displeasure with the product of basketball the Mavs have displayed lately and even went as far to say he wouldn’t be opposed to blowing things up. Another two for one deal for the Warriors that would send two solid players to Dallas that would fit in on their roster and keep the team competitive. For the W’s Dirk would be reunited with Nellie and would comprise a frontcourt of Biedrins, Dirk and Randolph with Turiaf and Wright as the reserves. W-O-W.
Scenario Numebr 3:
Monta Ellils and Kelenna Azubuike for Steve Nash
This one is another reuniting deal that actually gives the Warriors a legitimate, if not old, point guard who thrived under Nellie. Granted, he’s a matador on the defensive side, but at least he’s a “real” point guard who can dribble and pass. Having a distributor like Nash on a team with a young core like the Warriors would be great for player development. The Suns unload Nash’s large contract, pick up a young shooter in Ellis and a solid, small forward in Buke who outplays his contract.
Scenario Number 4:
Monta Ellis for Mike Conley and Marko Jaric
Memphis may be the stingiest team in the NBA right now, but they’ve got to sell tickets like everyone else. Their roster is horrible - Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo being the only respectable talent on their team. Memphis was a team that always had rumored interest in Ellis before his extension.. Jaric is despicable, but his wife is hot (Adrianna Lima) and his contract would be movable. This would be the essential salary dump move. Using a baseball analogy Giants fans are familiar with, Conley may be a Joe Nathan in waiting. Good player that just needs a change of scenery.

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Friday Debate: What should the Warriors do with Monta Ellis?

IT players don’t grow on Trees
by RT

Trading Monta Ellis is a really bad idea.
Let’s get one thing straight – most of the Warriors “fans” bitching about Monta Ellis and the entire team are people who have no idea who Chris Mills is and think Run TMC was a rap group. For those of us blindly loyal Warriors fans we realize that the team has not seen a non-playoff Warrior team with this most potential in the last 20 years. Monta Ellis is critical to the team reaching its lofty potential with which some of us see.

Winning the NBA championship is about having a few great players and role players that complement the star player’s inefficiencies. Without Monta Ellis, the Warriors have ZERO great players. I don’t need a TI-82 to realize that obtaining a few great players is a lot easier when you already have one.

The last time the Warriors had a great player (Webber) after a dysfunctional season, the Warriors fell into an abyss for 13 years. While predicting 13 years of future futility if Ellis departs might be a little extreme, the idea of this team going nowhere for the next 5 years doesn’t seem farfetched.
All I hear from Warriors fans and handcuffed/uninformative writers is that Anthony Randolph could turn into an IT player. Obviously, we have a few more years to see if he is the one that the prophecy talked about but I ask you – where are the Warriors if they jettison Monta and Randolph lives up to his potential!? Still Nowhere.

Monta is one of the very few players that can get his shot whenever he wants it and makes it when he is fully healthy. Not to mention, he has AI like fearlessness which is required of an elite player. The 2007/2008 version of Monta could (will) return next season and the Warriors are set to build up some much-needed confidence for the coming seasons.

The one-two punch of Monta and Randolph could be something special for years to come. There is no reason to break that up after one lost season. A core of Biedrins, Ellis and Randolph could be just the foundation the Warriors need to finally move into the upper half of the Western conference in a couple years. There is no reason to blow up the young core right now so stop suggesting it Koski!!

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Checking the Wire - 3/13/09


John Shea with the Bocock update you've been waiting for all Spring.

The McCovey Chronicles projection bonanza continues with Randy Winn and Jonathan Sanchez.


As Ray Ratto says, St. Mary's is in Patty Mills' hands.

MT-II says Brandan Wright wants to get back on the court and also has some interesting notes from Warriors' practice last night.

The Bears choked last night against USC.


Gwen Knapp looks at the effects of a (Surprise!) Florida State football academic cheating scandal.

Andre Smith is looking more and more likely to be a 49er come April. One request for Smith, keep your shirt on.

Run DMC is ready for the Raiders' offseason program.


The Sharks' downward spiral continues.

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Wire Check - 3/12/09


A Giant wins one for Puerto Rico. This is a big season for Jonathan Sanchez. His development this season will determine his role moving forward. The front office will decide whether he's a valuable piece for the future or a chip to bargain with. I've got high hopes for Sanchez this season. This season he'll be under the tutelage of Randy Johnson, a future Hall of Famer who has a similar delivery to the young Puerto Rican. Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez and Johnson. Take the over on the Giants' SO total for the season and start making your "K" signs.

McCovey Chronicles projects Matt Cain's 2009. I like the Bill James projection, 213 IP, 192 K, 92 BB, 3.55 ERA, 13-11. Maybe his win total could be higher if Travis Ishikawa turns into Will Clark circa 1987?

The A's were off yesterday, but Sussan Slusser has some random stuff to keep you informed.

Kawakami has Bonds-ARod comparisons.

Bruce Jenkins looks at Dusty Baker's Reds and likes what he sees.


Warriors Fast Break has a player by player recap of last night's win against the Nets.

Ratto says if you are waiting for the Warriors to do something the "right" way, you're wasting your time. I Couldn't agree more.

Courtney Paris, Oklahoma women's basketball players and daughter of former 49er Bubba Paris, said she'd pay her scholarship from the school if the Sooners don't win the NCAA women's championship. And this is news, why? It's not like Oklahoma is hurting for money or can't sign other players because of Paris' scholarship. Instead of giving the money to the University she should donate it to a local charity and see if the University would match. THAT would be news worthy.

Monta, who? There's a new flavor in town, and his name is ICE. Actually, it's Anthony Randolph, but Ice would make a good nickname. Gerald Williams has been retired for a few years so I think "Ice" is available.


It's almost playoff time in the NHL, which means things are getting tight in San Jose.

The coach is cranking it up at practice these days.


A new football league will begin games this fall. Originally, the UFL was going to challenge the NFL, but now the league seems more content with being a developmental or feeder league for the pros.

Matt Maiocco tries to answer the "Why don't the 49ers go out and get...?" question.

Andre Smith's pro day didn't go so well and the Raiders will likely be passing.

Jerry Mac has an excellent piece with his Top 10 AL-time Raiders.

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Checking the Wire - 3/11/09


MT-II says Nellie plans to go big down the stretch. I'll believe it when I see it.

From MT-II's blog, "Should He Stay or Go" starts off with Monta Ellis. I say go, but with conditions. See if you can move another GSW contract(Crawford, Maggette, Jackson, please somebody) with Monta and get back an expiring contract and a real point guard. There’s no way I would have said “Go” before the season started, but Randolph seems like the real deal and Monta is pissed at the organization for their actions after his dumb ass injury. Monta has speed and quickness, but lacks size and maturity. He's expendable. Build around Randolph/Jackson/Biedrins. Biedrins is super solid with a value contract. Meanwhile, the W’s are stuck with the contracts of Maggette, Stack Jack and Crawford.

I agree with Steimnetz, the Warriors have a power forward. They NEED a point guard.

Janny Hu's back!!!! Marcus Williams? He won't be back.

Warriors Fast Break breaks down Ellis as a point guard and what the starting lineup "should" be.

Gwen Knapp checks in on the Ellis-PG fiasco.

Bruce Jenkins says it's crisis time.


Ratto says Alex Smith is out to prove himself.

Cam Inman thinks it's a bad call for Smith.

Ann Killion says it's a fresh start for Smith.

Matt Maiocco wants to know if we'll see the "real" Alex Smith.

Dan Brown has the Q&A with Smith from his press conference.

Jason Jones says the Raiders might pick up the Pace.

Jerry Mac poses the questions that must be answered before the Raiders sign Pace.


Now that Buster Posey is in the big leagues, he's got to learn how to call a game.

Surprise, surprise. Lew Wolff is sticking up for Bud Selig and he's blaming the MLBPA for the Steroid Era. To make things clear, one of the 30 MLB owners who pays Selig's salary is defending him while blaming the union. Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

Henry Schulman needs more WBC like Bruce Dickinson needs more cowbell. If anybody else watched the Dominican Republic this WBC, did they have a horrible defensive performance, or what? OVER-RATED!!!!!

McCovey Chronicles has even ventured into WBC territory.

Apparently, Lew Wolff wants to win and he told Billy Beane to get 'er done. The cynic in me says that Lew Wolff is concerned with winning now, so he can sell the team. The Fremont deal fell through and now he's stuck in the Black Hole at Mount Davis for the foreseeable future. Portland A's?

Buster Olney looks at the young A's pitchers. Olney's blog is behind the ESPN Insider pay-wall, but here's a taste of what he said:

The Athletics could contend for the AL West title, if their rotation can be effective. Justin Duchscherer had a strong start to his 2008 season, but he's had some arm trouble this spring. Sean Gallagher is talented, but needs to be more consistent. Dana Eveland had a nice season in 2008, but has to show he can back it up. The 23-year-old Gio Gonzalez worked in 10 games for Oakland last season.

The most talented guys on the staff, however, might be Cahill and Anderson -- both 21 years old -- or the 22-year-old Mazzaro; all three have thrown well this spring. Anderson has allowed a couple of runs in 5 2/3 innings; Mazzaro has thrown five innings with seven strikeouts and no walks; and Cahill has allowed just three hits and a couple of runs in eight innings. Here's a link to the Athletics' spring stats.


Tim Kawakami's Top Ten sports figures in the Bay Area.

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RT Checks the Wire - 3/10/09


- If you are still watching the Warriors, you have a problem. Once they started mailing it in, I started watching college basketball.

- Ellis is felling healthy ... his game is not

- Here is your team to watch out for in the tournament.


- Giants logic: when your team has zero chance at the playoffs at this point, play the guy with no upside at second over the guys with big upside. Brilliant stuff.

- This guy is going to be better than his brother.

- If you could rank the best baseball beat writers in the country this guy would finish dead last. I am not sure if he even bothers to watch the games.


- Free agent signings so far in the NFL

- Just in case you missed it, the Criminals are back!!


- That's right. Two of the best soccer days of the year are today and tomorrow. AS a special treat, I give you an article on my favorite team.

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Checking the Wire - 3/9/09


John Shea talks to Tim Lincecum about the World Baseball Classic.

Bruce Jenkins slobbers all over Billy Beane's crotch.

Scott Ostler thinks pro athletes should give back a little more during these times.

Baggs checks in with Fred Lewis. Bengie Molina tried to get a haircut when the Giants faced the Angels.

Susan Slusser catches up with former Athletic, Kirk Saarloos.

Joe Stiglich looks at Brett Anderson, who's battling for a rotation spot.


Jerry Mac says the lack of noise from the Raiders this offseason is good news.

Cam Inman says the Radiers and 49ers don't need T.O.

Marcus Thompson is in search of a new banner for his blog.


Tim Kawakami wants to know what Robert Rowell did with the $3 mm fine to Monta Ellis?

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Keeping up with T.O.

In case you haven't heard, the Cowboys released T.O. He could be coming back to the Bay Area, but not with the 49ers. Or not. Usually, it's fun to see which teams are interested when a player of Owens' caliber is released. With T.O. it's fun to watch which teams are quick to distance themselves as fast as possible. PFT, presents the anti-T.O. List.

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RT Checks the Wire - 3/5/09


- Just in case you have been under a rock, the Giants season has a very good chance of looking very similar to the Warriors season.

- The most valuable person at The Chronicle gives us a muted silver lining to the whole Manny thing

- Writing articles just to piss people off should be reserved for Skip Bayless.

- If Nomar can make $1 mm a year, we are not in a recession yet


- I hate everything about the Warriors right now

- This made me laugh out loud - Nothing sums up the Warriors season better than the guy who writes the fan blog for the Mercury missed the last two games. Awesome!!


- The Sharks are now tougher - the ability to lose in the Conference Finals now in reach


- Is there anybody who thinks that Warner wasn't playing the Niners when he came up here? Thank you Captain Obvious

- Next stop ... Raiders.

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Warner watch ends

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, Kurt Warner has agreed to stay with the Cardinals. Matt Maiocco notes that the Cardinals added $9 million in guarantees over their previous offer, cynics take note.

Jim Trotter of SI.com bashed the 49ers for even courting Warner and linked it to a trend of poor decisions since McCloughan came aboard in 2005. In fairness to McCloughan, I don't know how much drafting he was doing and how much was Mike Nolan. I think Joe Staley is an impact player and not on the bubble. I also take issue with the following paragraph:

They overpaid for QB Alex Smith after selecting him No. 1 overall in 2005 and are still paying a price for that mistake. Ditto free agency. They overspent for offensive tackle Jonas Jennings, cornerback Nate Clements and defensive end/outside linebacker Justin Smith, and they tried to overspend on Warner, based on the numbers his camp has put out.

Overpaid for Alex Smith? How do you not overpay when picking a QB #1? Plus, they wanted to trade that pick! When Smith was making progress in 2007 a 300+ lb. Seahawk landed on his shoulder and his head coach emasculated him to the media. I agree they overpaid for Jonas Jennings. Nate Clements, though? Sure, he was the highest paid CB last year when he got his signing bonus, but this year he was 8th. Seems reasonable to me. Calling Justin Smith overpaid based on one year is also retarded. Going by total salary he was the 4th highest paid DE last season, but he had an $11 million signing bonus and counted only $3 million against the cap. Next year he'll count $10 mil against the cap. Julius Peppers will count $17 mil when he signs his franchise tender. I'd say Justin Smith is at least worth $7 mil less than Peppers. The rest of his contract Smith counts between $6 and $9 million against the cap, which seams reasonable.

Talking contracts in football is somewhat ridiculous. Albert Haynesworth just signed a 7 year $115 million dollar contract. Do you think he's going to play the life of it? No way. Mike Lombardi said on the BS Report on Monday that it's basically a 4-year $48 million dollar contract with most of it being guaranteed and the fifth year will be a huge cap hit that will let Haynesworth return to free agency. Remember when teh Titans wouldn't let Steve McNair practice because they would have been hit with a $24 million cap figure? NFL teams draw up crazy contracts so players can get the guaranteed money they want. Getting back to "overpaid" Nate Clements, he signed an 8 year $80 million dollar contract, but years 7 & 8 call for $36 million. Clements will either restructure those years or be cut, meaning the "real" value of the contract was 6 years for $44 million.

Don't throw around "overpaid" in the NFL without using evidence to back it up.

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Checking the Wire 3/4/09


Apparently or amazingly, the Warriors aren't one of the 12 teams applying for help from the NBA's line of credit.

Scott Ostler on Nellie's Hall of Fame credentials.

Marcus Thompson's always accurate post game notes.

The Warriors may be overpaying Maggette, but not Adris Biedrins.


Rob Neyer looks at the 44 worst contracts in baseball, the Giants have 4(!) of them.

Kawakami compares the free agent situations between the Giants and 49ers.

Looking up to the Big Unit.

The Big Unit looked strong yesterday, throwing gas versus his former team.

The Big Unit was visited by the president...of the baseball hall of fame.

Romo goes down with an injury.

Bruce Jenkins says the Giants had their chance for Manny.

Ann Killion says Bonds still belongs in baseball.

McCovey Chronicles projects Edgar Renteria.

Justin Duchscherer might miss opening day.


The 49ers are still in play for Warner.

Mike Sando answers a readers' question about the 49ers taking a QB early in the draft. I don't think there is any chance the 49ers draft a QB with their #1. They are more likely to trade that pick to a team that wants a QB.

The Raiders re-sign two, add another.

Tom Cable will speak today about Marquise Cooper.


Injuries hurt the Sharks last night in Dallas.

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Checking the Wire 3/3/09


Maggette and Turiaf will miss tonight's game.

Wait a second, you are telling me this Randolph guy deserves playing time!?


John Shea says the A's offense has the edge over the Giants' with the Cabrera signing.

Gwen Kanpp thinks ManRam and Warner are using the Bay Area teams for their own benefit.

Baggs talks to super prospect Madison Bumgarner.

I would like to thank the most biased man in sports reporting (Henry Schulman) for this pointless post. If the fact that a guy writing a blog post about the Giants-A's shortstop situation and fails to mention anything about their contracts doesn't bother you, then I would appreciate it if you stopped reading our website. you obviously enjoy being a mindless lemming

Bruce Jenkins has more on the Cabrera-Renteria feud.

McCovey Chronicles projects Bengie Molina's 2009.

and Slusser have the Cabrera signing news.

Crosby would welcome a trade but no team in MLB would.

Rob Neyer says Cabrera will help the A's compete.


Cam Inman thinks Warner and Singletary are a match made in Heaven.

Mark Purdy asks, "Why not Warner?"

The Warners have left the Bay Area.

Is Kurt Warner really the answer for the Niners!?

Nothing funny about the situation off the coast of Florida

Kawakami thinks the Warners are not coming back.

Mike Sando thinks Jason Taylor could help the 49ers.

Jason Jones says Jake Grove is on his way to Miami and Javon Walker just made $5 million.

Jerry Mac also has Grove stuff.

David White wonders if Cooper Carlisle is next to leave?


The Sharks are looking to make a trade. No word on if it is for the Red Wings.

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If you're interested in the Kurt Warner watch in 49ersland...

Dan Brown and Matt Barrows are staking out 49ers headquarters.

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Checking the Wire 3/2/09


Kurt Warner is due to meet with the 49ers today and Matt Maiocco wonders what kind of impact Singletary will have on Warner's ultimate decision?

Ray Ratto says don't hold your breath for Warner, 49ers.
Barrows answers questions from the readers.

Kawakami says the 49ers interest in Warner smells like Jed York and it would be an un-49ers move.

Kevin Lynch breaks down the 49ers newest singee, Brandon Jones.

ESPN's Mike Sando says the 49ers will drive up Warner's price.

Jerry Mac says Marquise Cooper's teammates are holding out hope after Cooper went missing on a fishing boat over the weekend.

Cooper's fathers says Marquise is an avid fisherman. Here's the Raiders' official statement.

Corey Smith, the other NFL player missing on the fishing boat in Florida is an ex-49er.

Nancy Gay rehashes the NFL free agent rush.


John Shea previews the US team in the WBC.

Baggs' Sunday notes include praise for the Giants first pick of 2008.

More Sunday Notes: Schulman on the Giants. Stiglich on the A's as well as Susan Slusser.

Gwen Knapp says the government is botching its case v. Barry Bonds.


MTII's blog entry from after Friday's game was spot on. At least Randolph played last night.

Steinmetz says Nellie is a tough spot dealing with Stack Jack's minutes.

The Warriors aren't afraid of D-League players.

John Bryant made the most of his final game at Santa Clara.

Like a true Warriors' fan, Adam Lauridsen saw hope in last night's defeat.


Cam Inman says C.R.E.A.M. still rules sports.

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