Checking the Wire 3/3/09


Maggette and Turiaf will miss tonight's game.

Wait a second, you are telling me this Randolph guy deserves playing time!?


John Shea says the A's offense has the edge over the Giants' with the Cabrera signing.

Gwen Kanpp thinks ManRam and Warner are using the Bay Area teams for their own benefit.

Baggs talks to super prospect Madison Bumgarner.

I would like to thank the most biased man in sports reporting (Henry Schulman) for this pointless post. If the fact that a guy writing a blog post about the Giants-A's shortstop situation and fails to mention anything about their contracts doesn't bother you, then I would appreciate it if you stopped reading our website. you obviously enjoy being a mindless lemming

Bruce Jenkins has more on the Cabrera-Renteria feud.

McCovey Chronicles projects Bengie Molina's 2009.

and Slusser have the Cabrera signing news.

Crosby would welcome a trade but no team in MLB would.

Rob Neyer says Cabrera will help the A's compete.


Cam Inman thinks Warner and Singletary are a match made in Heaven.

Mark Purdy asks, "Why not Warner?"

The Warners have left the Bay Area.

Is Kurt Warner really the answer for the Niners!?

Nothing funny about the situation off the coast of Florida

Kawakami thinks the Warners are not coming back.

Mike Sando thinks Jason Taylor could help the 49ers.

Jason Jones says Jake Grove is on his way to Miami and Javon Walker just made $5 million.

Jerry Mac also has Grove stuff.

David White wonders if Cooper Carlisle is next to leave?


The Sharks are looking to make a trade. No word on if it is for the Red Wings.