RT Checks the Wire - 3/10/09


- If you are still watching the Warriors, you have a problem. Once they started mailing it in, I started watching college basketball.

- Ellis is felling healthy ... his game is not

- Here is your team to watch out for in the tournament.


- Giants logic: when your team has zero chance at the playoffs at this point, play the guy with no upside at second over the guys with big upside. Brilliant stuff.

- This guy is going to be better than his brother.

- If you could rank the best baseball beat writers in the country this guy would finish dead last. I am not sure if he even bothers to watch the games.


- Free agent signings so far in the NFL

- Just in case you missed it, the Criminals are back!!


- That's right. Two of the best soccer days of the year are today and tomorrow. AS a special treat, I give you an article on my favorite team.