Checking the Wire 3/4/09


Apparently or amazingly, the Warriors aren't one of the 12 teams applying for help from the NBA's line of credit.

Scott Ostler on Nellie's Hall of Fame credentials.

Marcus Thompson's always accurate post game notes.

The Warriors may be overpaying Maggette, but not Adris Biedrins.


Rob Neyer looks at the 44 worst contracts in baseball, the Giants have 4(!) of them.

Kawakami compares the free agent situations between the Giants and 49ers.

Looking up to the Big Unit.

The Big Unit looked strong yesterday, throwing gas versus his former team.

The Big Unit was visited by the president...of the baseball hall of fame.

Romo goes down with an injury.

Bruce Jenkins says the Giants had their chance for Manny.

Ann Killion says Bonds still belongs in baseball.

McCovey Chronicles projects Edgar Renteria.

Justin Duchscherer might miss opening day.


The 49ers are still in play for Warner.

Mike Sando answers a readers' question about the 49ers taking a QB early in the draft. I don't think there is any chance the 49ers draft a QB with their #1. They are more likely to trade that pick to a team that wants a QB.

The Raiders re-sign two, add another.

Tom Cable will speak today about Marquise Cooper.


Injuries hurt the Sharks last night in Dallas.


  1. RT Says:

    If there is one thing that sports writers don't understand, it is the value of a good defender.

    It is amazing to me that people continue to bash the Aaron Rowand contract and quote offensive numbers as the reason why. Ask Lincecum, Cain or Wilson how much they value a center fielder with range that is willing to run through a wall for them. The Yankees would kill for Rowand right now and - surprisingly - you don't hear the Giants willing to deal this "terrible" contract. Finding a reliable center fielder is difficult and paying up for one that boosts the confidence of your young pitching staff makes sense.