Checking the Wire 3/2/09


Kurt Warner is due to meet with the 49ers today and Matt Maiocco wonders what kind of impact Singletary will have on Warner's ultimate decision?

Ray Ratto says don't hold your breath for Warner, 49ers.
Barrows answers questions from the readers.

Kawakami says the 49ers interest in Warner smells like Jed York and it would be an un-49ers move.

Kevin Lynch breaks down the 49ers newest singee, Brandon Jones.

ESPN's Mike Sando says the 49ers will drive up Warner's price.

Jerry Mac says Marquise Cooper's teammates are holding out hope after Cooper went missing on a fishing boat over the weekend.

Cooper's fathers says Marquise is an avid fisherman. Here's the Raiders' official statement.

Corey Smith, the other NFL player missing on the fishing boat in Florida is an ex-49er.

Nancy Gay rehashes the NFL free agent rush.


John Shea previews the US team in the WBC.

Baggs' Sunday notes include praise for the Giants first pick of 2008.

More Sunday Notes: Schulman on the Giants. Stiglich on the A's as well as Susan Slusser.

Gwen Knapp says the government is botching its case v. Barry Bonds.


MTII's blog entry from after Friday's game was spot on. At least Randolph played last night.

Steinmetz says Nellie is a tough spot dealing with Stack Jack's minutes.

The Warriors aren't afraid of D-League players.

John Bryant made the most of his final game at Santa Clara.

Like a true Warriors' fan, Adam Lauridsen saw hope in last night's defeat.


Cam Inman says C.R.E.A.M. still rules sports.