Matt Cassel now a Chief

I'd thought that acquiring Cassel would cost at least one first round pick, but the Chiefs aparently swung a discount, giving up only a second round pick. As Mike Forio, of PFT fame, mentions Daunte Culpepper with an exploded knee cost a second round pick. AJ Feeley cost a second rounder for God's sake. I'm sure the 49ers would have been interested at the pice the Chiefs got Cassel for.   As for the Patriots' motivation, it seems obvious they never planned on keeping Cassel at the franchise price. The Patriots probably couldn't come to a long term deal with Cassel because Cassel knows he's worth more than backup money on the open market right now. Maybe Pioli got some discount, playing up the fact that a KC second rounder is practically a first rounder (#34 overall) and nobody else was going to pay premium draft picks for a possible Derek Anderson clone. Great move by the Chiefs. Cassel is immediately better than any options KC had, despite the uncertainties. Dwayne Bowe and Tony G. will be very happy to hear this news. 

As far as the NFL draft is concerned, this trade has some major implications. The Chiefs were seen as a team that could go QB at #3, now, not a chance. If Detroit doesn't pick Stafford he could fall al the way to #10, but I don't think the 49ers would pick in that event anyways. 

Almost forgot the 49ers news: The 49ers signed WR Brandon Jones. Bee-rows has some Q&A with Jones.
It's a five year deal and despite tearing his ACL last year, Jones put up a solid 40 time when he was drafted. This probably signals that the 49ers won't be picking a WR with the 10th overall selection. I'd say it'll be a big OT unless one of the top defenders falls (Curry, Raji. Orakpo, Monroe).