RT's Wire Check - 2/17/09

* In breaking news, Barry Zito's struggles are due to the fact that umpires are no longer calling his curve ball for a strike. And here I was thinking it was his lack of confidence, loss of velocity and inability to locate his pitches ... I feel better now.

* I never thought anyone would ever celebrate Comcast but Bruce Jenkin's has opened my eyes. 158 Giants games will be televised this year so you can watch the run to third place in the worst division in baseball from the comfort of your own home.

* You have to love the Yankees P.R. machine. They have decided to show their support for A-Rod by forcing the team to go to his press conference. I cannot wait to watch this circus.

* The title of this article is "Cain eager to listen to Johnson's advice". No seriously ... a company pays this guy to write this hard hitting news.

* Bobby Crosby is content to watch a once promising career go down the tubes by working out with an "alleged" steroid user and not fixing one of the longest swings in baseball.

* Warning Soccer News: I really hope David Beckham is forced to play in MLS next year. He comes here thinking he will change the world of soccer in America and quickly realizes that the only high pitched athlete we have ever respected was a guy who knocked out Michael Spinks. Beckham should be forced to play in front of 10,000 fans in Kansas City for taking our money and leaving once he realized we could care less about him.

* Talk to you tomorrow

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