RT & Koski's Random Thoughts - Super Goundhog Day Edition

* Was there some kind of vote that I missed that said we can no longer have boring Super Bowls!?

* I thought the Cardinals were dumb for running the ball at the beginning of the game. You need to get Fitz and Boldin involved early, not Edge.

* Warner looked off early. Maybe it was the pass rush, but he was way off on three early short passes.

* There isn’t one Niners fan out there that didn’t think “that is Jerry Rice” when Larry Fitzgerald split the safeties and ran for the touchdown in the fourth quarter.

* Speaking of Fitzgerald, throw him the damn ball! One reception in the first half is not acceptable. Yes, he was double covered most of the time, so what? He's built to beat double teams with his size and hands.

* Various experts claimed that the regular season would mean nothing if the Cardinals won. I think they did not take it far enough. Ben Roethlisberger might not even bother to play in the regular season anymore. He can just let the defense lead them to 10 wins and he can play just good enough to get them to the Super Bowl.

* It's a hard argument to make when they were down 13 points, but the Cardinals blew that game. Waaaay too many penalties at bad times. Pitt had two penalties in the second half, at least before the last drive, one was a declined def holding and the other was the Harrison Unnecessary Roughness on the punt that cost them only a yard.

*If you're the Cardinals, how do you let Holmes go single coverage at the end of the game? On the winning TD, how was there nobody behind him? Three Cardinals in front of him? With the new rule change regarding push outs, DBs should be practicing pushing guys OB in the end zone, not that it would have made a difference in this game.

* Rodgers-Cromartie has to make that interception early in the game. The Steelers ended up getting a touchdown on that drive.

* The Cardinals punter was horrendous.

* Holmes earned the MVP with his performance on the last drive and tremendous TD catch, but I thought the Harrison TAINT was the MVP play. Sure, it happened at the end of the first half and a lot of other things happened in the second half, but that play was the game. If the Cardinals score there, even a FG, the Steelers are in trouble. Even with the INT, if Harrison gets tackled it's either zero or three points instead of seven for the Steelers.

* It is amazing how bad the Warriors can be and then pull a shocker in New Orleans on Friday. They are a hard team to read sometimes.

* However, they are a very easy team to read other times as they were guaranteed to lose big in Houston the next night.

* We now enter the worst part of the year in sports – no football, no baseball, too much college basketball and the continuation of another dismal Warriors season.

* Until next time.