RT Checks the Wire 2/26/09


- The Oakland A's might be good? Please

- Who needs Manny when you have Ishikawa?. The Giants

- A's are not going to Fremont. Sacramento here they come.


- If you can't beat the Red Wings, you are not going to win the Stanley Cup. Thank god for baseball season


- If you care about rich kids not going to mediocre basketball games, this is the article for you.

- Jamal Crawford may not play as much this Friday. In other news, the day hope reenters the franchise will be Friday 2/27/09.


- It's about time the Niners realized they need another over-the-hill wide receiver.

- ESPN tells us - when your team is not very good, resigning your free agents is not a priority. I am not really convinced but I am listening.

- Is anything Al Davis does actually news worthy? I say no. If you disagree, please read this nothing short of pointless article.

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