Checking the Wire - 2/20/09


Ray Ratto says it's deja vu all over again for the Warriors.

Chat live with CJ Watson and MTII at 1:45pm today.

Matt Steinmentz says the StackJack extension was the wrench that did in the Warriors' trade options this year.

Janny Hu also details the non-moves at the deadlie for the Warriors.

From yesterday, but Kawakami has a crazy plan to bring Baron Davis back for cheap.


Nancy Gay notes, like may others, that Asomugha is now the highest paid player in the NFL.

Jason Jones has the details of the deal.

Jerry Mac covers the Asomugha deal, Lechler and other Raiders tidbits.

It's not all good news for the Raiders.

Kawakami's take on the two big signings.

Lowell Cohn feels sorry for Asomugha for some reason.

Gary Peterson likes the investments.


Matt Maiocco is still in Indianapolis, but he checks in with 49ers related news.

Mike Sando of ESPN asking McCloughan who will be the Free Safety next year.

Mike Singletary will be on NFL Network at 410pm today.

Kevin Lynch says signing Michael Vick would not be worth the hassle.


Giambi is back to his old self and the battle for 5th starter is on.

Joe Stiglich also comments on the 5th starter battle, but also mentions a new player in the Orlando Cabrera sweepstakes.

Fremont's city council doesn't want to hear from the public after all.


Schulman details the competition for opening day second baseman.

Ishikawa is first in line for first base, noteS Baggs.


David Pollack says Marleau can score, on any line.

Sharks-Kings recap.


MJD at Shutdown Corner thinks "Franchise Tag" needs a new name.

Mark Purdy goes old school, recapping the 1969 San Jose State upset of No. 2 Santa Clara.

Gwen Knapp is waiting for Barkley's return as a hero.

Evidence tossed in Bonds' case.