The Giants Get One...Right?

by RT

The Giants sent Kevin Frandsen to AAA on Tuesday and I could not be happier. I am often accused of being too hard on all Bay Area teams. What I tell most of my critics is that I will applaud any move I like and deserves praise. The demotion of Frandsen gives me the opportunity to be positive for once.

At best, Frandsen has the upside of C.J. Watson. He is mediocre at everything and has nothing to do with building a playoff caliber team. Bruce Bochy said Emmanuel Burriss outplayed Frandsen which is like saying Monta outperformed Watson for the starting point guard position. The Giants pushed Frandsen to the majors a few years ago to prove to the fan base that they were trying to get younger. Fortunately for Frandsen, he was the best the organization had at that point so he got his cup of coffee in the show. Now that the Giants have someone with a little upside and talent, they no longer need to have Frandsen playing for the big club.

Is this move a sign that the Giants are ready to start thinking logically about playing real talent and not wasting at-bats on guys that will not help the team win now or ever? Probably not but it does show that someone knows what they are doing on the third floor at 24 Willie Mays Plaza.

Now, somebody tell Sabean to call the Tigers and offer Cain for Cabrera.

(Two good moves in one season is probably too much to ask for. I guess all this positive thinking is clouding my realistic judgment.)

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  1. Frisco Kid Says:

    I hardly think Sabean choosing between a piece of sh#t and an even bigger piece of sh#t at second base qualifies as a "good move."