Checking the Wire - 3/23/09

NCAA Tourney

Kawakami likes UNC and re-ranks the top 3 teams of the Sweet 16.

Cam Inman says the Sweet 16 is as boring as ever.

Preview of what might be the most exciting NIT game of recent memory, or just the most hyped one. It doesn't matter who wins this game, SDSU will take the title.

No Cinderellas this year. NCAA basketball has been watered down by all the players leaving for the NBA after one or two seasons. I don't remember a year when I have been less excited for the tourney.


The Warriors are living up to the name, team turmoil.

MT-II's Warriors-Hornets post game notes. In case you missed it this weekend, he also put up the "Stay or Go? Nellie" post.

Matt Steinmetz is moving on from the Examiner to AOL/Fanhouse, meh.

Janny Hu says Crawford is the new Harrington.


The Giants' plan is for Buster Posey to spend the entire year in the minor leagues. I might actually go to see a San Jose Giants game this year.

Ray Ratto looks at Bob Geren's contract extension and sees inconsistancies with previous A's coaches under Beane.

Saying it was windy at the Giants-Brewers game would be an understatement.

Schulman also has wind blown notes.

The OPD deaths resound beyond the Bay Area. The A's will pay tribute.

Bruce Jenkins is glad two teams who care made the WBC finals and other WBC thoughts.


Gwen Knapp likes the soft spoken, self assured types, like Shaun Hill.

The Raiders traded for the Dolphins center, Samson Satele.

Tom Cable will have to keep working on the O-line even as head coach.

There was some bad O-line news to counter the good, unfortunately.

Mike Singletary has erected a hill named "Pain" at the 49ers practice facility.

Bee-rows checks in with what the areas of need are for the 49ers.

Maiocco wraps up the first mini-camp.

Al Davis? Compromising? Say it isn't so.


Checking in on the Sharks with 10 games left to play in the regular season.