RT Checks the Wire - 3/19/09


- Cal is in the NCAA tournament ... who cares.

- Here is one man's picks for the first round. If he does poorly, nobody except for me will call him out because Bay Area sports writers are like the SEC ... no accountability. (BTW - I picked the Steelers to beat the Cardinals in the Super Bowl by a lot. I was wrong! Somebody call me out!!)

- A positive story worth reading.


- This article is pointless because Bobby Crosby has a longest swing in recorded history so it doesn't matter what position he plays. However, please open this link because ... what the F happened to the guy I use to know as Mike "Let go of my" Gallego. Yikes.

- Are they serious with this headline? Somebody send me the NY Daily News ... I am dying here.


- Words of advice for Mike Singletary from a guy that has never coached a day in the NFL. Thanks for that.

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!49ers fans rejoice, it might be the best thing that happens all year.

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