What are the 49ers' chances of acquiring Jay Cutler?

by Koski

I first read it at ProFootballTalk.com and it's made it's way to at least one 49ers' beat guy. So, the good news is that Jay Cutler is on the trading block and he will be traded. The bad news is, there are a lot of teams ready pounce with more to offer the Broncos. ESPN is going balls-to-the-wall with it's Cutler coverage with teams that may be interested:

Cleveland: Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn and the Browns own the 5th pick in the draft.

Buccaneers: 19th pick of draft, no 2nd round pick or QB to send Denver, so TB would have to probably add a 2010 first rounder.

Panthers: From the same TB link, Carolina could move Peppers straight up? Panthers don't have a 2009 1st rounder.

Jets: 17th pick in the draft, no QB to send, in same boat as Buccaneers.

Detroit: Two 1st rounders this year including 1st overall and a total of five picks in the first round. The link says Detroit is in a position to even work a Cutler ménage-a-trois trade. Kinky.

Bears: 18th pick overall and Kyle Orton, plus Cutler apparently grew up a Bears fan.

Redskins: I'm too lazy to find another link, but they could give up Jason Campbell and have the 13th pick of the draft. 

49ers: 10th pick of first round and 11th pick of the second round, and No, the Broncos do not want Shaun Hill, at all. 

Right now, the 49ers are probably in the middle of the pack as far as packages they can offer and other teams could still enter the bidding. There are no questions about Jay Cutler's Pro Bowl ability, but plenty of questions about his make up. The 49ers should definitely get in on the bidding, and without giving up future picks or their 2009 2nd ronuder, all other options should be explored.