RT Checks the Wire - St. Paddy's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day


- The WBC is a waste of time. Here are a few suggested changes.

- The Big Unit misses a start and it is termed "normal" by Bruce Bochy. You got that right.

- Wait a second, Jerome Williams is still getting paid to play baseball!? It's official ... we are not in a recession.


- What has happened to the Warriors? Didn't sign Baron, signed Maggette and traded for Crawford. Easiest question I have been asked in years.

- Internal strife is the cause of the Warriors "collapse"? False. Acquiring selfish players that a guy working full time in finance can see is a bad decision is the reason for the collapse. However, you cannot call this season a collapse when nobody picked you to be any better than you are right now.


- Future headline: Broncos are a complete mess ... beat Raiders 21-17.

- Ann Killion thinks Alex Smith is no longer overpaid? If he is making more than any of the group sales guys, he sure is.


- I am starting to believe that the Sharks cannot choke in the playoffs because no one is expecting them to win.

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