RT Checks the Wire - 3/5/09


- Just in case you have been under a rock, the Giants season has a very good chance of looking very similar to the Warriors season.

- The most valuable person at The Chronicle gives us a muted silver lining to the whole Manny thing

- Writing articles just to piss people off should be reserved for Skip Bayless.

- If Nomar can make $1 mm a year, we are not in a recession yet


- I hate everything about the Warriors right now

- This made me laugh out loud - Nothing sums up the Warriors season better than the guy who writes the fan blog for the Mercury missed the last two games. Awesome!!


- The Sharks are now tougher - the ability to lose in the Conference Finals now in reach


- Is there anybody who thinks that Warner wasn't playing the Niners when he came up here? Thank you Captain Obvious

- Next stop ... Raiders.