Checking the Wire April Fool's Edition


Ray Ratto rains on the Jay Cutler to the 49ers parade.

Kawakami doubts the 49ers will be front runners to get Cutler, but they need to try and try hard anyways.

Isaac Bruce is supposed to let the 49ers know if he's going to play this year today, so Dan Brown looks at his career thus far.


Ratto looks at the importance of opening day starters with a nice little table comparing 2008 ODS and 2009 ODS. I looked at the Giants and saw Zito and almost crapped my pants before realizing I was looking at the 2008 column. God Bless Tim Lincecum.

John Shea looks at up and coming under the radar teams.

Kawakami has a preseason checklist of goals for the A's and Giants.

Mark Purdy examines the A's path to San Jose.

The A's have a pitcher named Outman. I may have to change my last name to Homerunking to give my kid an edge.

Jonathan Sanchez burned his finger cooking empanadas or mofongo or something.


Adam Lauridsen highlights the reasons to keep watching the Warriors, if you haven't bashed your brains in while watching the previous 74 games.