Checking the Wire 4/7/09


- North Carolina was the best team at the start of the season and the best team at the end of the season. The most boring college basketball season ever is finally over.

- I am not asking for world, I am asking the Warriors to consider this guy.


- No three run home run = No win for the A's. Welcome to the theme of the season.

- The only player to have any real success in his first season in NY in the last 25 years was Jeter. So Baggarly picks CC to win the Cy Young and Teixeira to win the MVP. Congratulations, you know nothing about east coast baseball. Stick with the mindless fans (Bay Area sports fans) that take your writing as gospel.

- Bruce Jenkins' thoughts on Opening Day. I half watched and then re-watched the A's game and I'll post my thoughts of the A's opening game later. Also, Bruce highlights the talent that will be playing for the San Jose Giants this year: Tim Alderson, Madison Bumgarner, Angel Villalona, Nick Noonan, Connor Gillaspie and Buster Posey. I will definitely head down to see those one of those games soon.


- Jeff Garcia is likely to replace Jeff George (I mean JaMarcus Russell) as the starter if there is actually a competition. Will somebody please find me a person who thought JaMarcus Russell was going to be a good pro quarterback. Seriously.

- Garcia says he's here(or there) to help JaMarcus.

- Matt Williamson, of ESPN, thinks the Garcia signing is "great." I wouldn't go that fat, but I'd definitely rather have Garcia, even a 37(?) year old Garcia, as a backup instead of Andrew Walter.

- Cam Inman says, "It's all good." Really? So much gushing over a backup? If Garcia is starting games in Oakland next season it will be the equivilent of when Trent Dilfer was forced to start for the 49ers. Baaaaad news.


- The Sharks look ready for the playoffs, not the Red Wings.

- Mark Purdy can smell the playoffs and he handicaps the Sharks possible opening round opponents.