Checking the Wire 4/24/09


The Sharks are own 3-1 vs. the Ducks after last night's shutout. Ratto nails the analysis with one sentence:

As the Ducks' tactical defensive superiority dawned upon them more and more, the Sharks lost heart.

Since the Sharks just changed coaches, maybe they should look into trading Marleau and/or Thornton?


The Giants' value fell five percent versus last year and the A's value fell one percent, according to Forbes.

Sean Gallagher has been sent to Sacramento, hardcore A's fans rejoice.

Baggs has Bochy's answers to readers' questions. Sorry Dallas McPherson fans, he hasn't even played in Fresno yet because of back spasms.

Interesting piece from Buster Olney asking if Albert Pujols is the perfect player?

Olney also mentions Grady Sizemore's fast, well balanced start. I saw the highlights from Cleveland yesterday and that ballpark is empty. Could Sizemore be "gettable" for the Giants?


In case you haven't heard, the NFL Draft is this weekend. Cam Inman says the 49ers should take a pass rusher first, QB later.

Kawakami says both Bay Area teams are needy.

David White looks at the Raiders' past Top 7 picks.

Jerry Mac with a couple of pre-draft notes including a mention of the "Crabtree Diss." All he said was, "No comment." Who cares?


  1. Frisco Kid Says:

    Sizemore gettable?!?!?!?!? That's ten times more laughable then the "we coulda/shoulda signed Vlad" pipe dream. I think he's still under team control, and that means there's not a chance in hell they're trading him.

  2. Koski Says:

    That's why I put gettable in quotes, dumbo.

  3. Frisco Kid Says:

    If sarcasm was what you were going for, you failed...Dingus!!!