Checking the Wire 4/21/09


- A very good take on the Yankees new stadium.

- There are three reasons that Schierholtz is not getting a chance to play. (1) He can't hit, (2) He is sleeping with someone in the front office or (3) The Giants front office doesn't realize that the 2009 season is already lost (article coming later this week). I am going with number 3.

- The best article we have on the Giants offense is about a pitcher. Whoops.


- Can the Sharks do what the Capitals did last night? Ray Ratto does not offer much encouragement

- What in the world does "stick with the process" mean!?


- Ray Wersching joins the majority of former professional athletes who are not very good at business.

- Funny article about the draft.


- If there was ever a year for the Warriors to get the 2nd pick overall, it is this year.

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