Giant thoughts from Opening Day

- Lincecum was obviously not himself yesterday. He was missing with everything up and couldn't find his fastball and just seemed out of sorts. When Aaron Rowand was on with The Razor and Mr. T yesterday, it seemed like the team and everyone else thought the game was going to be delayed for a couple hours. When they found out the game was a "go" there seemed to be a slight scramble to get ready. Rowand said it may have affected Lincecum's preparation. At this point, Lincecum is allowed a free pass. I want to know if he's been hanging out with Matt Cain too much?

- Ishikawa absolutely killed that triple. I went back and re-watched this game and I took careful note of how Ishiskawa was being pitched. The Brewers were very deliberate in their approach. They tried to go high, inside and then slider/fastball away. Suppan wasn't able to hit the spots and Ishikawa took advantage of the mistakes. Keep watching his at bats to see if he can adjust to the high, inside strike.

- Renteria had a nice game, defensively, turning three double plays and another nice FC in the first that would have been a DP, but the ball brought him across the bag and Weeks broke up the play.

- In the bottom of the second inning, Burriss gets hit by a pitch to lead off the inning. Lincecum comes up to the plate and bunts the first pitch foul, almost blatantly. Two pitches later he fakes the bunt and pulls the bat back and hits the ball right over a drawn in Bill Hall for a single and moving Burriss to third. To me, I thought Lincecum bunted the first pitch foul on purpose to set up the slap hit. Maybe I'm giving too much credit to Lincecum/Bochy and maybe the slap hit was a reaction to the foul bunt, but it definitely wouldn't surprise me if that was planned ahead of time.

- Sandoval is an adventure. His first at bat he was awarded first after Suppan brushed Sandoval's jersey with a pitch. Is there a limit on how baggy your uniform can be? Sandoval's second at bat he flied out to center on a pitch that was an inch or two above his toe tops. next at bat he struck out, then he hits a double on a pitch that was also right around his shoes. His defense really needs to improve. I'm not expecting him to make every play, but he needs to work on his exchanges. I guess it's good Carney Lansford is the hitting coach, maybe he can give some third base tips as well? Was it Baggarly or Schulman? One of them said teams might start bunting right at Sandoval.

- Joe Martinez, who relieved Lincecum and got his first MLB win in his first MLB appearance, looked a little jittery. Apparently, he's a sinker ball pitcher, but got a little roughed up when the Brewers' grounders were finding holes. We'll label him a work in progress.

- The other Giant relievers looked pretty good. Brandon Medders was dealing and looks like a good addition. Affedlt gave up a lead off double to Fielder, but was able to get out of the inning after a walk and double play. Bobby Howry struck out the side with a walk and a single mixed in between. The way Alex Hinsahw wears his hat bothers me. Just put the thing on straight, at least for your picture! Not all San Diego State Aztecs are retarded, I swear. Brian Wilson's new hairdo is horrible. It's a mohawk-mullet-rat tail combo. I don't think he learned that from Zito.

- Randy Winn hit one out to deep right center? Way to up that trade value, buddy. I was mulling this thought over yesterday. Is Fred Lewis' ceiling Randy Winn? .290-.300 BA, mid-teens home runs, mid-twenties steals? The real question is, do we need another Randy Winn?


  1. Frisco Kid Says:

    There's no way that Lincecum intentionally bunted a ball foul to set up a slash play. Prior to the bigs he hadn't hit since high school. So the far more likely scenario is that he doesn't have very good bat control.

  2. Koski Says:

    Did you watch the bunt?

    I think being able to show bunt and then bull the bat back and slap a hit right over the third baseman is pretty good bat control.