Checking the Wire 4/13/09


What's wrong with Timmy? Fastball command and poor defense. He looked better yesterday, but still not himself. All I know is getting swept by the Padres is a crime. Do you know what it's like when a Padres fan talks smack to you and you have to wear it because your team sucks? It's the worst. (Tovey, Jud, eff-you!)

The San Jose Giants keep getting press, now Ostler's got an article about them.

You may know Bumgarner, Alderson, Villalona, Noonan, Posey or Gillaspie. But, there is a new name to remember in San Jose, Brandon Crawford. The shortstop impressed Baggarly on opening night.

The Giants signed once highly touted prospect, Dallas McPherson. It won't hurt to kick the tires on him, but he's already 28, so he is, probably, what he is.

Bruce Jenkins has questions about Jonathan Sanchez's make-up and other baseball notes.

What does 2009 hold for the A's? Nobody knows.

Joe Stiglich has an A's minor leagues update.

Baggs' post game notes after Sunday's loss to the Padres.

Even Buster Olney is breaking down Lincecum's early struggles.


The Masters went to a playoff, but really, it was anticlimactic. I'm not a big golf watcher, but I'll usually check in on the big events. Without Tiger or anybody interesting fighting for the lead, I was thoroughly disinterested.


Purdy predicts the Sharks in six games against the rival Ducks.

Pertinent questions for Sharks-Ducks, round one.


This horrible, horrible season keeps dragging on with a game against the Spurs tonight.

Dikembe Mutombo is hilarious.


Matthew Stafford is visiting the 49ers today. Maiocco then rehashes the ridiculously overblown story of the 49ers' psychologist asking Stafford about his parents' divorce. Even ProFootballTalk agrees, "The move confirms, in our view, that the supposed consternation from Stafford was grossly overblown by the Bay Area media."(My emphasis added).

David White has five questions with new Raider, Kahlif Barnes.

Barrows ranks all the NFL cities as experienced by the beat writer. He also answers draft scenario questions.