Checking the Wire 4/8/09: Giants in First Place Edition


Bruce Jenkins' thoughts on yesterday's Giants game. Is it just me or is Bruce Jenkins turning into Andy Rooney?

Aaron Rowand had a tough second half of 2008 and a tough Spring Training 2009, but he came to life after some extra work before the game. I heard Rowand on KNBR yesterday, he brought up the impact Carney Lansford getting the guys into the batting cage right before the game and how much that helped them.

Tonight, it's Big Unit time.

Scott Ostler looks at hiding your mouth with your glove during mound conversations. Ostler missed big time on this one. All he had to do was talk to Will Clark and The Thrill would have told him he read Greg Maddux's lips from the on deck circle right before he hit the Grand Slam at Wrigley in the '89 Playoffs on the first pitch. "Fastball high, inside."

Cam Inman's review of Lincecum's first post Cy Young start with this money line:

"I'll try to take it with a grain of rice," Lincecum said.


"Rice. Salt. I'm half Asian," he quipped.

The Giants' opener was not what anyone expected. Duh, Ann Killion.

Matt Holiday was too sick to make it to the ballpark for last night's game, but the A's pulled out a win without him. Susan Slusser expects a better showing in Trevor Cahill's next start.

Schulman's notes on the Giants' opener.

Baggs' notes that yesterday was Lincecum's shortest stint as a starter and other notes.


Janny Hu says Biedrins will be back for tonight's game. My question is, Why? What does he have to gain?


The Sharks outlasted the Blue Jackts lat night, but all I could find was this AP write up. The Sharks are one point away or a Boston loss from wrapping up home ice advantage for the entire playoffs.