Checking the Wire 5/27/09


If this Warriors fan doesn't believe anymore, why should we?

Meanwhile, Flunkster Dude-gate, Ridder-Me-This or whatever you want to call it, just can't seem to go away. Can the Warriors get any more pathetic? Well, see if Riley trades Randoph, then we'll know.


There were some protesters outside AT&T park trying to drum up support to get the Braves and Indians to change their nicknames. It's definitely overdue, but the MLB teams probably won't budge until the Redskins change their nickname.

Ratto wants Bay Area fans to be patient about trading.

Holliday is the type of bat the Giants might want, but the price is higher than either Sabean or Bow-Tie Billy Neukom will want to pay.
Wrong. The Giants are very skeptical of Holliday because of his numbers away from Coors v. at Coors and his agent is...Scott Boras. I really like Matt Cain and think the Giants should keep him. I would only include Cain in deals that are highly unlikely to begin with. Could they get Sizemore from Cleveland? In a word, no. Adam Jones or Nick Markakis from Baltimore, probably not. Unless you are getting a young, prominsing corner outfileder, it wouldn't be worth it.

Purdy posts a positive Posey update.

Giants moves. A's stuff.


UEFA Championship today. I care as much as Europeans care about the Super Bowl.

Cam Inman's list of top 10 offeasons NFL developments.

Thoughts go out to Matt Maiocco's family, his father passed away on Memorial Day.

Michael Bush has plenty to prove.