Checking the Wire 5/22/09


Bizarre, yet somehow appropriate story out of Warriorsland.

MTII's got the transcript from the conference call with season ticket holders that started the bizarre Ridder story.


Interleague just doesn't do it for Ratto anymore. Interleague play is like Communism, it sounds good in theory, but it doesn't deliver in reality.

Travis Ishikawa hearts Ken Griffey, Jr. Really, John Shea? Really? That's all you got? The Lincecum returns home to Seattle was too obvious? Useless. And what's up with the lead, "Ishikawa wants Griffey to get a hit?" It doesn't say that anywhere in the article. I hope that was some moron editor's fault. BTW, we need an editor here at Fat Guy Coalition.

Baggs' post game notes include a tab on Lincecum's radar readings and Kevin Frandsen's F-A-I-L since being called up. Did you hear? The Giants are 0-for-San Diego. As a Giants fan, I inherently hate the Dodgers and losing to the Dodgers. But, losing to the utterly putrid, disgusting Padres?

Dan Haren returns to Oakland this weekend (So does AJ Hinch, but nobody cares about him).


Michael Vick!
Who cares?

Ann Killion interviews Bear Pascoe, 49ers rookie TE. I'm not much of a cowpoke myself, but I like this Bear. It won't be hard for him to out shine Billy Bajema.

The 49ers signed Dre Bly to replace the injured Walt Harris. Bly is hungry and he may be a gambler, but the 49ers need more ball hawking in the secondary. Bly signed for the veteran's minimum, so it was an easy call.

The Raiders signed a DB of their own
, safety Keith Davis.