Checking the Wire 5/11/09


Casey Blake hurt Brian Wilson's feelings. I don't know about this one. As a player, if you make any sort of sign after you hit a home run or strike someone out or something, the opposition is not going to like it and will probably resent it. Fastball Master should be more upset about giving up the home run than Blake's shenanigans.

Sandoval may get moved over to 1B. That's probably for the best even though Juan Uribe is nothing spectacular offensively or defensively.

Hall of Fame banter:
Bruce Jenkins says throw out the stupid "integrity" clause from the Hall of Fame voting rules.

Pedro Gomez says, cheaters are bad and tries to back up his argument with a faulty analogy.

And John Shea is writing about Bob Melvin getting fired, why?

Really, Scott Ostler? The A's miss Marco Scutaro? Sure.

Uber-prospect Stephen Strasburg pitched a 17 K no-hitter against Air Force last week in the home finale and in front of Nationals GM. (The Nationals have the #1 draft pick) Will he get $50 million?

Kawakami's Super Seven for Monday.


Where in the NFL is Lorenzo Neal? With the Raiders, duh!

The softer side of Mike Singletary.

The DHB era is not off to a good start in Raiderland. It didn't get any better on Sunday.

Jerry Mac looks for Silver lining from mini-camp.

Bee-rows has some odds and ends about the "new" 49ers uniforms.


Marcus Thompson has an interesting trade scenario with Portland, but RT and I don't know why they would want Jamal Crawford.


Even I could write this column.