RT Checks the Wire 12/15/09

Sorry for the delay on Tues Wire Check and not having one yesterday, but I seperated my shoulder, so there.


* The Mayor of Oakland wants a water front park which he thinks will revitalize the city. In other news, rich people root for the Giants so there is no way it can be privately financed and the city of Oakland is broke. Good luck with that. [SF Gate]

* It is time for the Giants to sign Holiday. He will cost a fortune but the 2010 Giants season will just as pointless as the Warriors 2009-2010 season without the addition of a big time hitter. [SI]

* Garko will not be back with the Giants. Who else is excited that the Giants traded a bunch of prospects for Freddie Sanchez instead of Victor Martinez!? [SJ Merc]


* The Niners are officially the Vikings without Brett Favre! How exciting! [SF Gate]

* Nothing like ripping the defense when the quarterback can't throw the football more than 25 yards. Great reporting! [SJ Merc]


* Keep losing Warriors ... we need John Wall. [CC Times]

* How pointless is the Warriors season? Someone at the Chronicle thought this story was newsworthy. My journalism 101 teacher would have failed me if I turned this in. [SF Gate]

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