Checking the Wire 12/14/09


The Radiers win streak ends, at one. [SFGate]

With Gradkowski injuring both knees, will Davis turn the ship back over to JaMarcus? [SJ Merc]

So, Toby Gerhart wins the award for best running back in college football, but finishes second in Hesiman voting to...a running back? WTF? [SFGate]

49ers Q&A for Matt Maiocco from his readers. [Press Democrat]

Kevin Lynch ranks Scot McCloughan's first round picks. [SFGate]


Bruce Jenkins' NBA thoughts. [SFGate]

Warriors Fast Break thinks the Warriors could beat the Sixers and salvage something on this road trip. [SJ Merc]


Jack Cust will not be an A next year. [CC Times]

Ryan Garko will not be a Giant next year. That trade worked, eh? [SJ Merc]