Checking the Wire 12/11/09


Remember when all the good bowls were on New Year's day? [SFGate] The hypocrisy of the NCAA is that they claim a playoff would cause players to miss more class, but the bowls now extend further into January than ever.

One last case for Toby Gerhart for Hesiman. [SJ Merc]

The Cardinals are ready for the 49ers. [Press Democrat]

Ron Jaworski is noticing Alex Smith's mechanics. [SJ Merc]

The positive about DHB being hurt? No drop off in production. Thank you. Thank you. [CC Times]

JaMarcus Russell, in his own words, still ridiculous. [SFGate]


Johns Shea takes the Giants temperature after the winter meetings. [SFGate]

The A's finally got tired with Santiago Casilla not reaching his potential. [CC Times]

The Giants' offseason: Fans, please lower your expectations. [SFGate]


MTII had a live chat with Stephen Curry yesterday. [CC Times]