Checking the Wire 12/7/09


The 49ers were run crazy in the first half of the season and opponents adjusted and now, it seems, the 49ers are pass crazy. It didn't lead to a win yesterday, but at least we can better evaluate Alex Smith. The Seattle loss was on the coaches. [Sac Bee]

The 49ers are what they are. Mediocre. [SJ Merc]

The 49ers botched that game. [Press Democrat]

The Raiders go into Pittsburgh and upset the Steelers? With Bruce Gradkowski throwing three 4th quarter touchdowns? Whaaaaaaaaa? [CC Times]


The Giants and A's have different approaches to this offseason than a year ago. [SFGate]

Joe Stiglich will update us on the A's front at the baseball winter meetings. [CC Times]

Same with Andrew Baggarley for the Giants. [SJ Merc]

Brain Sabean is the new Senior GM in the league and start the speculation about Adrian Gonzalez. [SFGate]