Checking the Wire 11/11/09

The fact that Kawakami felt he had to write this article is embarrassing. [SJ Merc]


The most over-hyped non-story of the week: Vernon Davis' supposed bulletin board material, “The guys up front, I think we can destroy them. I don’t see anything spectacular about their front line.” Whatever. It's two teams without a winning record playing in the middle of November, not Joe Namath before Super Bowl III. Retarded. [SJ Merc]

Is there anything Stanford football announcer, Bob Murphy can't do? [SF Merc]


WTF?!?!?! Were in the second week of the NBA season and the All Star ballots are out? [SFGate]

You know what's not helping the Warriors trade Stephen Jackson? Everybody saying the need to trade him. [SFGate] P.S. It's not going to help.


Baggarly sees Molina's chances of returning to the Giants somewhere between remote and unlikely. [SJ Merc]


Dan Boyle, last night's hero. [SFGate]