RT Checks the Wire 11/12/09


* Bears-Niners! It looks like I am not the only one who likes the Niners in this one. [SF Gate]

* Apparently, the Niners are having a bad season because of little mistakes. I thought not having a quarterback was a HUGE mistake!? [SJ Merc]

* Some Raiders lineman is doing well ... besides his Mom and Dad, nobody cares. [CC Times]


* Koski and I came up with a new plan for the Warriors yesterday. Instead of trading Jackson, they should keep him, have the second worst record in the league (no place suck like New Jersey), draft John Wall out of Kentucky and trade Curry to the Knicks for the top pick for the next four years. I really don't see how this does not make the team better in 2013. [SJ Merc]

* TK thinks Curry will be fine. Agreed. [SJ Merc]

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