Checking the Wire 11/18/09


Warriors lose to the Cavaliers. RT, did they cover? Also, an update of the "Big Meeting" tomorrow between management and Monta Ellis. LeBron James was giving Stephen Curry advice after the game. LBJ a GSW next year? I kid. I kid. [CC Times]


Andrew Bailey won the Rookie of the Year, now the A's need to find one that swings a bat. [SFGate]

Lincecum has to go to court before the judge signs off on his pot ticket. Can't blame the judge for wanting an autograph, right? [SFGate]


Matt Wilhelm stepped up nicely when he came in for a hurting Takeo Spikes who may still be out Sunday. [Sac Bee]

No starting QB has been announced for the Raiders, but there's other stuff to talk about, too. [SFGate]

Chris Johnson and his quest for 2,000 yards rushing. [NY Times]