Checking the Wire 11/23/09


Is it time for the Niners to tailor the offense to Smith's strengths? [SFGate] It already feels like it's a game too late. But, it might not matter. Alex Smith is not the future of the 49ers. Colt McCoy anyone?

Mark Purdy seconds the notion that Alex Smith isn't the answer. [SJ Merc] Here is the key quote from Alex Smith that highlights the notion: "I think we came out, for whatever reason, apprehensive, cautious and kind of waiting for somebody to make a play." When you are the #1 overall pick, YOU aren't suposed to be apprehensive. YOU are supposed to make plays. I've been a staunch Smith supporter since he was drafted, making various excuses for his play. But, it's over, Smith is not the answer.

Gradkowski brings a much needed energy to the Raiders. [SFGate]

With the playoffs now pretty much a pipe dream, Maiocco outlines the 49ers remaining goals. [Press Democrat]

The 49ers' coaches put a bad gameplan together despite hacing extra time to prepare. [Sac Bee]

Jerry Mac's Raiders post game wrap. [CC Times]

Top 10 plays from yesterday's Raiders win. [SFGate]


The A's signed Dallas McPherson. [CC Times]

Some Giants notes, including the notion of moving Freddie Sanchez to third if they acquired Dan Uggla. Not good. [SFGate]


The glass is half full at the Fast Break Warriors blog. [SJ Merc]

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