Checking the Wire 11/24/09


Singletary is starting to feel the sting of losing and things not going according to plan. [SJ Merc]

Bill Belichick and Bill Walsh have three Super Bowl rings a piece, but Belichick's coaching tree isn't growing like Walsh's did. [SFGate]

The 49ers need continuity on offense. [Press Democrat] It's interesting that Mike Johnson (QB Coach) spent his year away from football getting his college degree AND studying the spread offense. Hmm. Jimmy Raye's longest run as an OC was three seasons. Hmmm. Also, Allen Rossum was cut by the Cowboys because he couldn't stay healthy, the same reason the 49ers cut him earlier this season.

The 49ers dropped the tampering charges against the Jets. [Sac Bee]

Tom Cable punted on 4th and 1 and then thouhgt about going for two instead of the tie. [CC Times]


Don Nelson won't make the Texas road trip with the Warriors as he battles pneumonia. [SFGate]

Pneumonia is a hell of an excuse to get away. [CC Times]

Nelson is sick as a dog and CJ Watson is recovering from swine flu. No wonder Jackson wanted to leave so bad. [CC Times]