RT Checks the Wire 11/10/09


* Let me get this straight ... if Stephen Jackson distributes the ball and plays the big point guard the team needs to have Monta play his natural position at point guard, the Warriors are really good!? I have no idea who would have thought that was a good idea. [SF Gate]

* Am I the only one that finds it ironic that Stephen Jackson's agent is ripping the only coach who could make his client look good enough to get a ridiculous long term contract? [SF Gate]

* Jackson will be gone in a few weeks. Challenge. [Yahoo Sports]


* The Dominican Republic is a really shady place. [SF Gate]


* Chiefs v. Raiders this weekend. Yikes. [CC Times]

* At what point can Singletary say "we are sticking with the quarterback that gives us the best chance to take the highest rated quarterback in next year's draft" [CC Times]

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