RT Checks the Wire 10/22/09


* Guess what? The Niners need a passing game. In other words, the world doesn't need a third world war. [National Football Post]

* Wait a second, I thought JaMarcus Russell looked good last weekend!?! How dare you attack the savior of the Raider franchise! [ESPN]

* I would be too positive too if I had his contract. What does he care if he sucks? [SF Gate]

* If you can break a subordinates jaw while on the job and not get charged than we are looking at whole new way of doing business in CA. As a small business owner, I am in favor of Tom Cable avoiding charges. [SJ Merc]


* The newest problem with the Warriors. HINT: It is not winning too much. [SJ Merc]

* The scouts agree ... the Warriors are going to be great this year!! [CNNSI]


* The biggest winner of this years NLCS is ... [MLB]

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