Fat Guy Coalition Home Run Derby 2009

Congratulations to Barry's Bashers, 2009 Fat Guy Coalition Home Run Derby Champion!
2nd - My Boys Juice - $75
3rd - Graham Dobbin - $25

Monthly Winners:
April: Cain is Able 40 HRs
May: Barry's Bashers & Hoosier Heroes 45 HRs
June: Forest Poole 42 Hrs
All Star break: Barry's Bashers 129 HR
July: Jewbot Killing Spree & Barry's Bashers 44 HRs
August: My Boys Juice & The Unpredictable Padres 50 HRs
September: Hoosier Heroes 39HRs

Here's the payment breakdown:
The winner of each month will get $25.
The overall leader at the All Star break gets: $50
1st Place after the season: $200
2nd place overall: $75
3rd: $25

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  1. Zoe Alexis Hobbs Marinkovich Says:

    FYI Alex Gordon has a HR. Please adjust my total accordingly.

  2. Zoe Alexis Hobbs Marinkovich Says:

    This is connor

  3. Koski Says:

    Not until you pick a team name

  4. Frisco Kid Says:

    That Gordon injury is gonna bite me i the ass all season.

  5. Koski Says:

    Welcome to the club.

  6. Frisco Kid Says:

    Yeah, but I actually have a shot at winning...

  7. Koski Says:

    ...biggest whiner? Yes, you've got that on lock.

  8. Tovey Says:

    Matt Holliday sucks

  9. Koski Says:

    See Tovey, you just had to light a fire under his ass.

  10. Tovey Says:

    Geovany Soto sucks

  11. Koski Says:

    That's why you picked him. You suck, too.