Checking the Wire 10/8/09


The 49es were the winners in the Crabtree holdout saga. [SFGate]

Kawakami just can't help but applaud the 49ers recently, and it's killing him. [Merc]

Maiocco asks why Eugene Parker was nowhere to be seen at Crabtree's press conference? [Press Democrat] Per Maiocco's tweet, Hammer played a larger role than escape route director.

Football Outsiders' Walkthrough looks at JaMarcus Russell's terrible completion percentage(It's after the Sharper Image section), including this gem:

Because of three interceptions, his quarterback rating on first down is 10.0, far lower than the rating you get just by throwing incompletions. (If you throw nothing but incomplete passes, your rating is 39.6.)
Jerry Mac's news and notes after Wednsday's Raiders practice. [CC Times]


Bruce Jenkins offers some power hitter options for the Giants. B.J. Upton intrigues me. [SFGate]

The Giants' Double-A team is moving to Richmond, VA and they are looking for a new nickname, please save them from becoming the Flatheads. [Merc]

The A's busy offseason and what lies ahead. [SFGate]


Monta Ellis injures his ankle in last nights game. Yes, it that is his scooter ankle. [CC Times]

WFB( Warriors Fast Break) with player by player performance breakdown. [Merc]


  1. Frisco Kid Says:

    You guys don't want Upton. Hes a loser.