RT&Q: Random Thoughts and Questions: October 7, 2009

by RT

* Now that Crabtree is officially a 49er, can we start talking about how big of a steal he was at the 10 spot in last year’s draft?

* How is it possible that in 2009 baseball fans cannot watch the official broadcast of a division series game online? Allow me to apologize – you can watch the games as long as you don’t live in the United States. (Seriously, I am not making this up.)

* What do women do on Sundays during the football season?

* Multiple Choice – Which one of the following Bay Area team is the best team to root for?

A. Oakland Raiders

B. Cal Bear Football

C. San Francisco Giants

D. Golden State Warriors

* Just in case you were wondering, Stanford has a really good football team.

* If I told you at the start of the season that the pitcher with the second lowest ERA in the league and who led the league in strikeouts would finish third in the CY Young voting, wouldn’t you call me insane? Watch it happen.

* There is no way the Warriors cannot get close to equal value for Monta Ellis.

* Last year, I wrote an article on how NBA GMs should handle players that demand a trade. The Warriors completely blew it with Al Harrington so what do they do with their second chance with Stephen Jackson? Current odds are -500 on them trading him for a player that I cannot stand. (For those of you non-gamblers, -500 means bet $500 to win $100)

* Who cares what women do on Sundays during the football season?

* Answer to the multiple-choice question: A – When they leave town, you can change allegiances to a winning franchise and nobody will blame you.

* Is there anything worse than the “new” trains that Cal Train uses during commute hours? Is there ANYBODY on the planet who would rather face a fellow commuter rather than have his/her back to him/her? And yes, I am writing this on the train while playing footsy with a total stranger.

* Gambling Advice for the Week: During the NFL season, take the team that is playing the team I picked. Your Welcome

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