Checking the Wire 10/23/09


You want a divorce? Okay, you're FIRED! [The Big Lead]

FOX has now opened the flood gates on drunk waterfall jumping. [Deadspin]

Bruce Jenkins states the obvious, which apparently eluded Mike Scioscia, Darren Oliver sucks. [SFGate]

It's all Nick Swisher's fault! Not really, but NY media has to blame someone. [ESPN]


Does anybody care about the Napa D.A.? Anybody? [SFGate]

Despite the non-charges, Mark Purdy is skeptical of Tom Cable's innocence. [SJ Merc]

Kevin Lynch sets the over under on Crabtree catches on Sunday at 2.5. I'll take the over. At least one bubble screen and one quick slant per half. [SFGate]


Stephen Curry wins a starting spot by default. [SJ Merc]