Checking the Wire 10/28/09


Warriors season begins tonight...

And they COULD*** make the playoffs. [SFGate]

How many of us will actually be going to games? Not counting RT. [SJ Merc]

Live Chat with Marcus Thompson of the CC Times before the game tonight. [CC Times]

Adam Lauridsen analogizes the 2009-2010 Warriors and the Bay Bridge. [SJ Merc]


Everybody's talking about Quarterbacks today. [SFGate]

The Raiders and 49ers are in limbo. [CC Times]

The 49ers' offensive line, which has played soooo great lately, got a little thinner. [Press Democrat]

See inside the mind of a Raiders fan. Q&A with Matt Gutierrez. [Sac Bee]

Jerry Mac, the eternal optimist. "At least penalties are down." [CC Times]