Checking the Wire 10/30/09


The 49ers might open up the passing game a little. Maybe. [SJ Merc]

Also from Kawakami, Crabtree is a game changer for the 49ers. [SJ Merc]

JaMarcus Russell showed up to work at 6:30am on Wednesday, setting his own personal best. Next stop, Championship! [SFGate]

Niners biggest challenge this week? Contain Peyton Manning. [SJ Merc]

Louis Murphy and Chris Johnson are hurting. [CC Times]

The Crabtree tampering case is still moving forward. Yay? [ProFootballTalk]


It's time for Cal basketball to step up. Isn't that what they've been telling the football team? [SFGate]

Will RT be watching Curry v. Nash tonight? I think so. [SFGate]


Ray Ratto gets red-ass about the Sharks. [SFGate]