Checking the Wire 10/13/09


Singletary is trying to right the ship, as evidenced by Dre Bly's apology. [SJ Merc]

Bruce Jenkins says don't forget about Josh Morgan. [SFGate] I was disappointed that Morgan didn't get in on that play as well. Everything was going wrong for the 49ers on Sunday.

Ray Ratto with Raiders tidbits. [SFGate]

Interesting article by Malcom Gladwell analogizing Fight Dogs and Football players. [The New Yorker]

Tom Cable is in the news, you hear about this, you hear about this? (My Leno intro) [CC Times]


Sabean and Bochy still without contracts and looks like it's one and done for Lansford as his patient approach wasn't well received by the Giants hackers. [SJ Merc]


Even unaffiliated writers are begging Cohan to sell the Warriors. [Yahoo!]


Sharks lose after shoot out. Rt is sad. [SFGate]