Checking the Wire 10/14/09


Tim Kawakami has 25 reasons that Robert Rowell should be fired. Love it. [SJ Merc]

Captain Jack is now just Jack. [SFGate]

Why Jack needs to go from WFB. [SJ Merc]


October, so cruel! At least, Bruce Jenkins thinks so. [SFGate]

John Shea is already speculating on a LA-LA World Series. Lame. But, he mentions Molina could get interest from the Mets and a Cain-Fielder trade is damn unlikely. [SFGate]

Sabean and Bochy get two year extensions. Meh. [SFGate]


Mark Purdy doesn't have any glowing things to say about Michael Vick. [SJ Merc]

Isaac Sopoaga is seeking donations for tsunami victims. [SJ Merc]

Antonio Pierce said playing the Raiders felt like a scrimmage. Ouch. [CC Times]


Is Torrey Mitchell always hurt? C'mon. [SJ Merc]