Checking the Wire 10/21/09


Warriors' pre-season is almost over. Yawn. [SJ Merc]


Should fans cheer or boo Crabtree? [SFGate] Really? How about this, if he plays well, cheer him and if he plays poorly, boo him?

Kawakami says the pressure is going to build on Shaun Hill over the next few weeks. Alex Smith, be ready. [SJ Merc]

What's taking the Napa D.A. so long to decide whether to file charges in the Tom Cable/Randy Hanson incident? [SJ Merc]

Q&A with Gary Kubiak for this Sunday's 49ers' game against the Texans. [Press Democrat] Who asked this question? With your corners, do you stay on one side or do you have Dunta Robinson shadow the top guy? Did they expect an honest answer? Why not ask which downs they plan on blitzing, too?

After describing the Giants-Raiders game as scrimmage-like, Antonio Pierce is now complimenting the Raiders after they beat the Eagles. [Sac Bee] Gee, thanks for beating our division rival. You're not as bad as I said you were. Could you also beat Washington and Dallas?


Bud Selig recently said he has no plans on expanding instant replay in MLB. Then the "worst call of all time" happened. [Yahoo!] Your move, Bud.